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  1. Im having the same issue, cuz with my rs it says that i got 1000+ crystals but i got none
  2. Idk watchu mean😶...can u link it?
  3. Got it already 😍 thanks
  4. click here
  5. I'm just going to repost those for the confused people
    Still confused?
    ❥ You and your RS will still collect your own hunt drops (Tarot Decks) like usual.
    ❥ Hitting The Tarot Dealer will take your amounts of Tarot Decks and turn them into Card and Crystals!
    ❥ After hitting the Tarot Dealer, you will still keep the same amount of Tarot Decks in addition to your new Card and Crystals.
    ❥ You only get one compatibility bonus! If you think you can do better, you will need to find a new RS!
    ❥ The player with the most Card and Crystals by the end of the event tops the Leaderboard!
  6. Just read the post please
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  7. I think most of us understand that we convert our tarot decks to collect cards and crystals by hitting the tarot dealer.

    I was successful at first with collecting cards and crystals but like a lot of other players, even after completing potd or ec parties and hitting the tarot dealer, my cards and crystals wouldn’t increase.

    when trying to find an rs, I think I remember losing some of my cards and crystals when it wasn’t a compatible match, so I guess I’m realizing that I have to recollect and surpass my original amount, before I can continue to complete the task and collect rewards.

    idk if that’s right, but either way, my task bar for cards and crystals hasn’t been increasing lately :/
  8. Well, I got all the available rewards for the cards and crystals, I'm done with this stupid hitting someone and converting them because it hasn't been working for me.
  9. Sole 🌚
  10. How do u get the spot light.
  11. How do you get the sneak peek avis??
  12. Some of them are in the hunt boxes, others are rewards within the story, and there are two that are in the leaderboard.
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  13. Where is the tarot dealer calculator scale chart? How are you going to know what the best emoji to get with a rs is?
  14. 💘💘💘 both ways
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  15. It's hard to find a perfect match and when you do they aren't collecting enough tarot decks and some people don't know how this works so they break up with you 🥴
  16. Explain to them how it works then and see if they wanna re-RS? ask outs are free so no harm breaking up and then getting back together
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  17. Whatever your highest score is, that's what you get. Breaking up as RS testing another won't add to your total crystals. The only way to increase is if you find a better match or get more decks.
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  18. So you find your perfect match.... Then what 😂👀
  19. Stay with them as long as you both acculumate decks at a steady rate, and you could aim to get on the rs lb
  20. For any confused folks, my club tested this event when it first started. You can't lose progress, only gain it. So if you get a worse score, your crystals will stay the same until you gain more tarot decks or find a better match.

    Hope that helped.
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