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  1. Day's tag is well-known and probably someone who has 160 likes. Someone needs to make a leaderboard thread soon *cough* @Kefo
  2. Ah yeah. It was 25 first day. Me, Day, and Krazy had that... Then it got upped to 50 and might increase again.

    Also since I think a.t.a took inspiration from how we used to classify forumers, Vice's Veteran classification might be somewhere.

    I think we might have a Milennial tier for 1k posts and perhaps a veteran one for 10k posts.
  3. We'll just have to find stuff out with time.
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  4. Still working on a thread for interviews with HS 🌞 but one for forumers might be interesting.
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  5. God, this is so weird ugh
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  6. Today is the 28th of July, a month since the update on 28th June 2019...
    A.T.A have been refining forums a little bit since the last update for better and also sadly, worse. Everything still looks different. This thread will help you navigate the new format and to provide commentary on their updates. We are still discovering new features and, overall, I'd like to say that the changes are positive and worth getting with.

    All struck out text in this thread are things that were present at the update, but no linger apply.

    To save from clutter, I'm not using too many ss in this thread, so you may have to look around for yourself and orient yourselves.


    Q1- Where's "active topics?"
    A1- If you're on the home screen, viewing threads, or searching around forums, close to the top of your screen, there should be a "New posts" button. New posts is the same as the old active topics section.

    Q2 - How do I make a thread? (or poll)
    A2 - same as before; go to any topic section, and press the big, orange "Post New Thread" button.
    (You can attach a poll to a thread or post a poll on its own from the thread creation menu)

    Q3 - What' up with the profile pic?
    A3 - We haven't found a way to update it yet so we assume it isn't a feature yet, but the devs have profile pics so it might come soon in an update.

    Small thing that you might want to know.

    You can minimize the forum sections on your forums homescreen. This helps to keep things neat.


    😔Features LOST😒:

    • Stats code
    This was used to show item, avatar, and build stats

    • Decent forumojis:
    The new ones are far fewer and much uglier.

    • Privacy (has settings)
    You may wish to keep private some of the new information displayed, automatically, about you in forums. To do this, you can check your privacy settings. (located in the menu opened by pressing on your profile icon)

    😀Features GAINED😍:

    • Quick access bars:
    Accessed by pressing "Menu", and your profile icon.
    • Easier BB coding. With rich text editor
    • Complete, official BB coding guide. In the HELP section, accessed at the bottom of forums.
    • Saving posts. With rich text editor; manual and auto
    • BB code previews when using the rich text editor, you can see if your BB codes will work and roughly how your post will look.
    • Fonts.
    • Likes. To show appreciation and admiration😊❤
    • "Notable Members". Leaderboards for post count and likes
    • Forum profiles. to follow or ignore, can be accessed by pressing on someone's avatar icon
    • Following. allows you to see peoples' posting activity. To follow someone, go to the quick access bar and select "people you follow" and type in the names of those you wish to follow
    • Ignoring. allows you to not see their posts.
      To ignore someone, go to the quick access bar and select "people you ignore" and type in the names of those you wish to ignore
    • News feed. shows activity of people followed
    • Alerts
    One of the bigger new additions to forums. You can get alerts when you're quoted, @'d, your posts are liked, someone posts in a thread you're watching, and maybe more. You can edit what you get alerts for in the "alert preferences" menu.
    • Watching/unwatching threads
    Once you are viewing a thread, you can look between the title and first post to find this option. Simply press on it to toggle watching on or off.
    • Easy access to thread URL's
    Accessed by pressing the post number (bottom right) of a post, you can copy the url to that post in multiple formats (has bonus automatic anchoring)
    • Account management. Password, timezone, email change under profile icon Quick access bar
    • @'ing people. People may get alerts when @'d if their alert preferences allow it. To @ someone, press the @ button and start typing their name with no break e.g. @Apple
    • Zoom
    • Auto-Scroll
    • Automatic location of post in thread 😍
    if you have searched for a post in forums, when you press it, it automatically opens the thread to the right page on the right post, rather than the first page of thread as it used to.
    • Shmexy "code" code for code :ugeek:s
     [b] apple [/b] 

    Things that are BROKEN:...

    • URL's
    Links to old threads in forums lead to 404 errors!
    • Images
    Many old images are impossible to see
    • Stats code
    Since this has been removed or forgotten, the old stats codes are broken. Bring this back.
    • Up arrow on quotes
    For some devices, while a great new addition, the green arrow on quoted texts suggests that pressing it should take you to the quoted post, but pressing it does nothing for those using some devices.

    Things that are just different:

    • Search feature
    The search menu is interesting. Simpler than it was before and more accessible (having a quick search bar at the top of the screen). The advanced search has had some less useful search parameters/criteria removed, and some more useful ones added.
    • What happens to viewed posts
    "I was just reading a thread, and when I backed out of it, I couldn't find it..."
    Instead of going that faint purple color that threads used to, now when posts have been read, they disappear from the New Posts section.
    In order to view them again, you can search for them, have them bumped, or press "recent posts"(refer to image below). The threads you've read will appear without a blue dot.
    Also if you press "mark forums read" (refer to image below), the new posts section will be completely empty until posts get bumped... Pressing "recent posts" again will bring them all back without the blue dot.


    😮Things that are mysterious or weird... Why did they do that?😵

    • Profile pics
    Not yet, friends... The devs have them, and players are allowed them on KoH... We believe it is just a matter of time until we can set our own.
    July Update:: A.T.A removed the old profiles that could be accessed by pressing on this image and now it just links directly to their PIMD profile, suggesting that this may never be a feature
    • Conversations
    not yet, friends?... Have a look at these yourselves. What would this even be when you can wall/pm people on pimd anyway? Do we need forum pm's, too?
    These seem even less likely than profile pics.

    • Profile posts and statuses
    these are mentioned in the alerts preferences, but I have no idea what they are.


    They just remind me of our pimd wall but we already get notifications for that outside of forums, and with the settings on, we still don't get alerts for wall posts... So this probably won't be a thing.

    • "watching forums"
    (Maybe I just don't see this being used) This is different to watched threads. By selecting a forum section, you can press "watch forum" to be alerted when a new thread is posted to the forum.

    • So much space between posts... And the frames are unnecessarily large. we don't need this much space

    • (Minor bug) The locations of autoscroller and zoom buttons
    Because the zoom icon covers the bottom of the scroll bar, I can usually only scroll up in threads. Perhaps they wouldn't overlap if you have a larger screen but they could be further apart so they don't overlap, allowing for full functionality.

    ~~~~~~~That concludes this rushed guide. It is a bit brief. If there are any other questions, new info, or things I missed, plz post below! I wish you all luck in adjusting to, (fixing), learning, and navigating the new changes to forums. The positives far outweigh the negatives. And I'm very excited. But we just have to figure it out.

    UPDATE CONCLUSION:: Things have been trimmed and taken away since the last update. I really liked being able to link threads from within forums and the removal of that feature was a major drawback.
    The removal of forum profiles means we can no longer see when people were last active which could be used to gain predictions of peoples' sleep patterns in sfw, but it also made following and ignoring players harder to do and makes it seem less likely that we'll have forum profile pics.
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  7. Kefo you amazing, but my phone too tiny for these big changes. I need like a uh what they call them a note? Anyway, wish I could star threads to keep up.
  8. AH! Found watch thread.
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  9. Did they get rid of all the locked threads? I'm looking for the thread where people posted what they ate. I'm pretty sure it's not locked, but was created by the guy who made all the rap threads.
  10. Careful, you shall summon him.
  11. 😭 What's his name???
  12. Tis le qt Jaco(b)
  13. Very cool, I needed that very much 🥒😁
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  14. I've been having an issue, searched for a while and didn't see anyone talking about it, so I figured I could post here and see if someone struggles with it as well.

    While typing something, if I want to bring the typing cursor back in order to edit a former phrase or paragraph, it messes everything up. It's hard to explain but it's been easier for me to delete everything I already wrote than to edit the middle of a sentence, because if I try it just goes crazy and skips words/deletes words/meshes random words together/adds spaces and so on.

    It's a weird and annoying glitch, so I would like to know if anyone has experienced this before.
  15. I’ve been having a similar experience since I updated to iOS 13, I thought it was just a device issue. I say “similar” because I have the added issue of when I move the cursor then click a word in predictive text the app crashes. This only happened while using forums.
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  16. I'm on Android and it also only happens in forums. Also thought it was device related but apparently not, then?
  17. Yeah I guess not. I think forums is run by a separate company though, so ATA can’t really do anything about it.
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  18. I am not good at using short forms ..... I just need list of short forms and its meaning used in pimd so I could get started