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  1. Firstly Awesome Job!! But secondly I don’t see the “new post” button 😬 or maybe I’m blind asf 😬😂
  2. Nice walkthrough! 💕
  3. Useful thread. Ty Kefo ;)
  4. It's an orange bar above the section with the list of threads!
  5. This is all just dumb why try fix what isnt broken. Took me 10mins to find where the potd one was. :confused:
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  6. We wanted automatic anchoring from search results
    We wanted to not have to show people how to use imgfit every time they uploaded to selfie thread.
    We wanted alerts
    We wanted to be able to access threas URL's from the forums
    We wanted to use all the emojis in forums
    We wanted the ability to hide certain threads
    We wanted easier coding...

    Forums before had some big issues which got fixed by this update. 😴
    You can work forever trying to to fix and refine a simple tool to make it better at doing 2 jobs.
    Or upgrade the tool, allow it to do 15 tasks, and have 2 of those be broken...

    Which tool is better? 😂

    And I thought this post clearly demonstrated all of the new features and good things that the update gave us, so what exactly was so wrong with the fix that you think it outdoes all the bugs?
  7. I needed this ❤️
  8. Hats off. He really did it
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  9. Btw I noticed that there's an option to show or hide someone's signature so I guess that's gonna be a feature soon as well.
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  10. Ew, forum signatures are very tacky
  11. I'm looking forward to those cringey love quotes as signatures.
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  12. Couldn't figure that one out or even what a forum signature might be. But based on Muschi's message and other forums I've seen in thr past, I probs shoulda included that in here.

    Guess I may as well list some other observations in comments:

    Imgur links are the most compatible with forums. Tinypic links are inly visible to some devices.

    If you highlight text from a post, you can press reply to only quote the highlighted text rather than the entire post.

    You can double quote by arranging code chunks properly

    [QUOTE="Muschi, post: 4981817, member: 1320358459"]
    [QUOTE="JustWinter, post: 4981801, member: 951293825"]Btw I noticed that there's an option to show or hide someone's signature so I guess that's gonna be a feature soon as well.[/QUOTE]
    Ew, forum signatures are very tacky[/QUOTE]
    The appropriate string including post and member numbers need to be included for this to work.
  13. That extra effort to properly quote. I guess I'll just use the @ feature. Lol
  14. @Kefo, a forum signature is sort of like a text message or email signature. It's something you would edit in settings and the system would automatically add it to the bottom of each of your posts.

    A lot of times, it can include a classic signature like "ー Kefo". Sometimes people use a favorite gif, give links to their socials (when allowed by the ToU), or create a unique banner.
  15. Yah just remembered seeing Alicia's one in KaW forums and countless others in other forums, even really old ones.
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  16. Your signature would probably be a meme and then links to all your guides
  17. Or sometimes a love quote.
  18. Someone's a hopeless romantic, yeah?
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  19. Theory I'm not sure about:
    Active member is someone with more than 50 likes.