Game Suggestion — Auto Kick Inactives

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  1. The current system of kicking inactives is rather tedious, requiring admins to click ‘manage’ button on every member, check their days of activity, move to guest, and kick with wall banner.

    It sounds simple enough, but those who conduct activity checks regularly know how tiring it can be, especially when you or other admins are busy irl and cannot coordinate a schedule to split the workload. At my club, many hardworking admins gave up on doing activity checks despite being active in it initially.

    Suggestion for improvement:
    Under ‘club settings’, president, vp and execs should see a new option for auto kick.

    auto kick after (x) days of inactivity

    The member being auto kicked should receive a kick notification indicating they were auto kicked for inactivity, and to ‘try reapplying or ask for invite’.

    ❇️ Auto kick should only apply to full members and guests, not higher club roles.


    This function would make it much easier to manage a club when you are busy irl, which many of us are, and decrease the frequency of admins quitting the game when they are too busy.

    ❇️ This suggestion will be given to ATA in a ticket. This thread is for feedback from the player community.
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  2. In addition: the number of days for auto kick should be changeable for each club, similar to stat minimum requirement.
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  3. but what if the president or a vp happen to be offline and then gets auto kicked themselves for whatever reason or by accident because of real life stuff?

  4. My post specifies that auto kick should only apply to full members and guests.
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  5. ❇️ Clubs should also have the option to turn off auto kick if they prefer manual kicking. Auto kick should be disabled by default and only applies if the club decides to set an auto kick.
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  6. ❇️ (optional): Under the green ‘manage’ button for full members and guests, an option for ‘do not auto kick’ can be added. This is for members who ask permission for inactivity in advanced.
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  7. This would be a great help if we have this settings added to the club cause I personally have seen how hard it is to check in everyday which barely did cause I usually got busy outside. This will be helpful to many people and plenty of active leading clubs and for all.
  8. Not a bad idea! I think it would do well for a lot of POTD clubs.
  9. Why do you have to move someone so guest to kick them? You can kick full members. Go to manage. tap on their avatar face from there. wall them. tap back on your phone 2 times then kick. No need to refind them coz it takes you back to the manage screen
  10. They’re proposing a system that automatically kicks players who aren’t active after a set time. Not asking how to kick members currently.
  11. Moving to guests is a way to simplify the kicking. It’s to isolate members who are close to the kick limit. However, if the kicking can be automatic, it will remove the need for guesting and clicking on manage button for 70-100 people.
  12. Not really simplifying. It's another step for you. It might be less of a hassle if you skip this step.
  13. Depends on how each club splits their workload. Execs can do the guesting while VP & bouncers kick from guest list. I also believe for clubs that do not have a clear division on who does what for activity checks would have an easier time to just kick. Maybe we’ll try implementing that as well.