Frequently Asked Questions v. 1.1

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  1. How do I send money to a friend
  2. What if I bought a tutor? It means my old tutor left me? Or do I still have all tutors who bought my character?
  3. You can't, sors. All you can do is gift your friends, and those gifts are bought with cash/ECs.

    You can have multiple tutors, and they're obtained through "hiring". I think what you meant is.. when you get "hired", that person who "hired" you becomes your "pupil" . You can only have one pupil, but you can have many tutors.
  4. Can I get an F in the chat for Stan Lee?
  5. Yes :)
  6. I haven't got this hunt drops plz gift me this hunt drops
  7. Yeah this is fake news
  8. Under (i) of index, hire value of a tutor should be based on 15M for 1kcs based one the tut's stats or my stats ?
  9. Ur stats. 15m per 1kcs. 15b per 1mcs. Ur well over ur good for a while
  10. Working on updating mod list as we speak stay turned
  11. tuned* ?
  12. I have a question
    Why is my pee pee so small?
  13. I have been silence for something that I said in pub that you say I did in campus.
  14. Use the Help/ticket feature for these complaints
  15. 👀
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  16. I noticed in the TOC there is a bullet point for the section for how many accounts one can own, after scrolling to 'How much a club costs' it should be what follows, but it doesn't seem so. Typo?
    And ironically, what is the answer to that question ?
  17. Previously, it had stated that players can own as many accounts as can be "reasonably maintained," or something along those lines. It doesn't give a specific number. So if you can use 20 accounts and keep those all active, running, and in order, go for it! If you can only handle like 3 accounts, stick with that! :D
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  18. Why is there no kini sold in the shop?
  19. Pizza kini? You can find them in the shop under attack items (one time use)
  20. Thank you so much! I'm so.blind 😅😂😂
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