Frequently Asked Questions v. 1.1

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  1. Yes you did
  2. Dang what happened to all the honor students besides wolf
  3. I made one mistake after helping for 5 years and they removed my honor student.
  4. Don't make mistakes m8
  5. the mod list needs further updating ?
  6. I'm aware, give me time I've been gone for a while due to school
  7. There is no reset button anymore, so we can't get 50 tut slots bonus, any other way to get 50 tut slots bonus?
  8. Very good point, I'm going to look into this more. The current update is a rough update because it was extremely outdated before. I'll slowly be ironing out the kinks with time.
  9. I'm removing several sections from the old version of the guide and adding new updated sections for the next update so hopefully that will address the issues that remain.
  10. I have finished this update and sent it to support, the thread should reflect the changes soon.
  11. You should add voices repetting what we write
  12. How can we party in the dorm???
  13. I hope that avatars will be soon giftable.

    Ex: my guy avis since i aint a guy and wont use it.

    ️ just a suggestion ️

  14. :lol:.
  16. No no no no no no no no
  17. Bump so support can update it :)
  18. Very informative good job