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  1. Frequently Asked Questions on PimD

    Table of Contents

    • What are tutors and how does owning them benefit you?
    • What percentage do I get back when I drop a tutor or my tutor resets?
    • What is a Volley and Who benefits from it?
    • What is a Party?
    • What are Avatars and how do they help me?
    • What is a Moderator?
    • How Do I Become a Moderator?
    • Who are the PimD Moderators?
    • What is the ToU and Where can I find it?
    • What are the Rules of Conduct?
    • What Can I be Silenced for?
    • How do Silences Work?
    • What do I do if I was Silenced Unfairly?
    • What are Honor Students
    • Who are the Honor Students
    • How much does it cost to make a Club?
    • How many accounts can I have?
    • How do I Change my Name?

    What are Tutors and how does owning them benefit you?

    A tutor is another user that you have have hired from the tutors menus by paying their hire value. Owning tutors benefits you in two very different ways:

    1. It provides a cash bonus to you while fighting/dancing other Party in my Dorm users (or the equivalents of such actions in a party). If you want to maximize this cash bonus you need to make sure you have max plunder. In order to hav Max plunder you will typically need around 15m in tutors per 1kcs or 15b per 1mcs
    2. The other bonus tutors provide is a stat bonus while fighting/dancing/eavesdropping/pranking(or the party equivalents).

    What percentage do I get back when I drop a tutor?

    When you drop a tutor or one of your tutors resets you receive back 60% of the amount you hired them for.

    What is a Volley and Who benefits from it?

    A volley is when two or more players hire someone else rapidly. Everyone benefits from a volley including the person that keeps, but their benefit is not received until they sell the tutor. The person getting vollied makes the least money due to the cap of 1,000,000 cash that can be received from being hired. The person that keeps and the people(s) that do not keep all make money, but it depend on how high they volley and how many people are volleying the person. If less people are volleying, then more money will be made by each person.

    What is a Party?

    A party is club event that allows you to work as a team with your club to make cash and win a trophy for the clubs trophy case. There is also personal awards for certain amounts of completion for most of the parties that have been released up until this date. These awards provide a percentage stat bonus. In parties, you carry out certain actions that include the various equivalents for fighting/dancing/eavesdropping/pranking across the various parties. Pro versions of parties are significantly more difficult than their normal counter parts, but the cash payout from them is much higher. Some parties require an item to start it, which can be bought from the store with extra credits.

    What are Avatars and how do they help me?

    An avatar is the character that you pick to represent your persona on the app. There is tons of avatars that you can pick from, most cost extra credits and some can be won as a reward in hunts that occur on campus. All avatars have different % bonuses to your stats. This bonus is only apparent when you are fighting/dancing/eavesdropping/pranking(or the party equivalent) or defending against such actions from another user.

    What is a Moderator?

    A moderator is a helpful player who was selected by the developers to help improve the community for everyone. Moderators answer questions, keep forums clean and organized, and silence the users that violate the ToU/ToS of the game.

    How Do I Become a Moderator?

    If you wish to become a moderators there are several criteria you have to meet:

    • Must be 18 or older
    • Must have played the game for at least 6 months
    • Must have an abundance of knowledge of the game mechanics as well as the Terms of Use
    • Most importantly there must be spots open in your time zone!
    If you meet these criteria click here and fill out the boxes and when you are done submit the application.

    Who are the PimD Moderators?

    What is the ToU and Where can I find it?

    The ToU/ToS is a set a rules established by the developers to maintain a safe and fun community. The ToU can be found here.

    What are the Rules of Conduct?

    The Rules of Conduct are the rules that govern all threads, posts, and activities in forums. The Rules of Conduct can be found here.

    What Can I be Silenced for?

    • Spamming: posting the same or similar messages 3 or more times in the space of 5 minutes.
    • Inappropriate Content: Posting obscene, pornographic, excessively violent, harmful, or sexually explicit content. This includes using emoji’s to create inappropriate art or messages.
    • Bypassing: Intentionally circumventing our chat filters to post a vulgar/inappropriate word directed at another player
    • Harassment: Posting messages or engaging in actions that discriminate, promote hate, violence, or advocate hatred or discrimination against individuals, groups, races, cultures, or organizations.
    • Impersonation: Falsely presenting yourself as a moderator, a member of the development or support teams or another player.
    • False Information: Spreading false information with the intent of misleading other players or disrupting gameplay.
    • Personal Information: Posting or soliciting personally identifying information in a public channel.
    • Third Party Content: Posting links to referral programs or other third party applications not created by A Thinking Ape in attempt to get users to join you on that application.
    • Encouraging Abuse: Encouraging other players to post content in violation of our Terms of Use.

    How do Silences Work?

    If you are silenced for violating the Terms of Use, you will be notified as to why you were silenced and the duration that your silence will last. While you are silenced you will be unable to:

    • Post on Campus
    • Post on Campus Announcement
    • Change Your Status
    • Send Gifts
    • Post on Walls
    Silences have a different duration depending upon how many times you have been silenced and how long it’s been since your last silence. The durations are as follows:

    • First Offense: 1 day
    • Second Offense: 7 days
    • Third Offense: 30 days
    Each 30 days a player goes without a silence after being unsilenced results in then being moved back to the previous silence tier (1st,2nd,3rd).

    What do I do if I was Silenced Unfairly?

    If you feel you were silenced unfairly, use the help feature and explain that you feel your silence was unfair and include what you were silenced for (do not lie to them because they will look up what you said).

    What are Honor Students?

    Honor Students are individuals within the community that devote their time to better the community on campus and in forums and as a result were recognized by the ATA support team. Honor Students much like moderators answer questions that people have and try to help out in the community in any way they can.

    Who are the Honor Students?

    How much does it cost to make a Club?

    The price that it costs to make a club is either 200,000,000 cash or 100 Extra Credits.

    How do I change my name?

    First, you must go back to the home page with the jobs button, people button, etc.

    Then, you got a choice on whether to go through the ATM (by clicking on your cash amount) or the store (bottom right corner of the screen) to get to the nurse.

    If you went to the store click the Get More button in the top right hand corner of the screen.

    If you went to the ATM then click on the nurse icon at the bottom of the screen.

    Finally click the name change button to change your name for 20 extra credits.

    If the answers of your questions were not answered in this thread, feel free to ask them here
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