Free Giveaway #2 (Selected Entry)

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  1. FREE GIVEAWAY + Raffle
    Selected Entry

    I said I was going to do 3 but I don't know what to do with 1...I'm already giving out a bunch of things with the first Raffle what am I going to give away with a Records raffle? I'll hold of on that one until I come up with something!

    This is a selected giveaway for those who have been the most supportive. Over the year I've been doing raffles. Meaning...
    1. Who's entered my raffles 3+ times
    2. Who's donated
    3. Who's entered a lot through multiple raffles
    I will be walling or dming certain people who qualify.

    1. Cannot enter if you donate after this is posted
    2. Cannot enter if you've changed your name and cannot any proof
    And some other things I cannot think of. If I don't get in contact with you and you think you may qualify please add me so we can discuss.

    Also 3 people will be selected for grand prizes!

    1st: 999? πŸ€”
    2nd: 499? 🀫

    3rd: desk? 🀭

    Kinda throwing this out there because I want to show my appreciation but idk I also like colors don't judge me πŸ₯΄
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  2. If it looks rushed and sloppy, it's because it is. I'm tired and sick ok 😷🀘
  3. Just comment "Enter" if I've gotten in contact with you about this raffle so I can keep track! 😊 Will end on the 3rd also!
  4. Enter 🌻
  5. Enter πŸŒΉπŸ€
  6. enter πŸ”₯
  7. Enter! πŸ’žπŸ€—
  8. Enter 😊
  9. Enter🌿🌺
  10. Enter 🌼
  11. Enter the dragon



  12. EnterπŸ’•
  13. Enter
    Thanks for doing this hun I'll always continue to support you πŸ’œ
  14. Your entries are not valid for this. It's selected entry only. You're not able to enter this one sorry.
  15. Gifting for this giveaway will start tomorrow or Sunday