[Free Cat Contest]COVID-19 Version

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  1. Hi. Want a free cat? Post below how you’re keeping yourself and family safe from catching COVID-19. I’ll choose a random entry on March 23rd. Some entries will win kinis and other stuff :)

    stay safe <3
  2. Since I have a 2 year old a 5 month old I’m keep preoccupied by playing games and putting cartoons on tv and even got my two year old an old old phone of mine so she can watch what ever she wants but only connected to WiFi and a child locks even got her a play set with a sing and slide from a friend of mine so she can do what she does outside inside
  3. I’m not even gonna front, I work from home, and I’m a big introvert so I’m always here. But I’ve been cleaning more than usual. Especially things consistently touched like doorknobs, railings, light switches, remotes, etc. I ain’t even mad tho bc it occupies free time.
  4. Hiding from the world
    Its lonely
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  5. playing pimd and eating too much ice cream
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  6. My mom and brother are self quarantining themselves are they went overseas but we are trying our best not to fall sick and also by using separate stuff and not sharing them
  7. I've been down on bended knee talkin' to the man from Galilee!
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  8. I bought all the handsoap, sanitizer & toilet paper. That's right, it's my fault you're wiping with coffee filters now. Sorry not sorry
  9. Rood
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  10. Meh..I've bought all that stuff over years. We've always been preppers. Nature of the beast when you live in B.F.E.

    Now the Covid-19 Apocalypse is upon us and I'm bored. Hurrrrrrry up so I can use my mad prepper skills already!
  11. I'm still working as much as I can as long as I can. Luckily, people are still buying wine. It's a v important provision to prep for quarantine. 😉 Almost everyone in my family is laid off for the time being, so I've been trying to hussle.
    As far as cleaning the house, I'm not doing it anymore than usual. LOL. The store has never been cleaner though.
    I'm uh, not really worried about catching it. *shrugs* if I die, I guess I die. I have no kids to worry about, and the rest of my family are adults who know what to do to take care of themselves.
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  12. Here in France, we can't get out of our homes anymore since Monday. I am going to try things I'm usually too busy to do, like crocheting, learning new languages, cooking or some DIY. I talk to my family everyday to know how they are doing.
    Take care everyone!
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  13. Large backlog of unfinished games... check. Lots of old games I want to replay... check. I'm not quarantining myself unless I get sick, but I'm also not really planning on going anywhere for a while since everything is closed anyway. Plus, I wasn't going anywhere to begin with.
  14. I'm an introvert myself so I help others by not having any sort of contact with them. 🌝

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  15. I worked from home before covid-19 anyway so not much has changed with my life. Also our state has doesn't allow any tourists since march 5th and we don't have a positive case here yet so Im just living as i used to before the virus, just no public gatherings allowed though
  16. Unfortunately I'm still working so people can panic buy and not listen to the limits we've placed on heavy traffic items. Be nice to your local retail workers because we are putting ourselves at risk for your tp fix 💕
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  17. Toilet paper fort to protect me from the virus 🧻
    But really I just went out and grabbed enough supplies for about a month and just staying at home binge watching stuff on Netflix and ocd cleaning everything that I’ve been putting off for years (my junk closet yikes) now that I’m stuck inside. My cats are hyped to have me home more and are enjoying the extra head scratches.
  18. I got supplies for 2 weeks, home office for 5 weeks. Waiting for lock down announcement maybe for my area.

    stay safe everyone
  19. Whole song came to my head as I read this.


    I'm staying home. My classes got cancelled and most people are in self quarantine as it's recommended. Me and my family haven't stocked up on anything because it's not necessary at the moment and of course it's a selfish move. If we need anything, one person takes a quick trip to a store to grab it.

    I find it very important to take time to myself and do separate activities, because being 24/7 around others can be stressful. So we try to do fun things together, but also making sure each person has the privacy of their own room to keep the peace lol

    For now I've kept myself busy watching stuff, playing this game, and doing things that I was procrastinating such as organizing drawers. We don't know how long it's going to last, but I hope I'm not too bored until the end of it.
  20. Im just following simple rules from the govt' and also in our community I have stocks of hygienic kits, I have also food good for a week then I'll buy again next week with my quarantine pass, following social distancing, always bring alcohol and wear face mask lockdown is a lockdown! And the most powerful weapon everyone can have is Prayer ✨ Keep safe everyone and party hard!