Fire pupil/request to hire

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  1. He stole a chunk of my club my rs and is tryna play it off like he had us first
  2. Stole?
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  3. It’s not stealing to hire a tutor. It’s an open market. Whoever is willing to pay most gets to keep. This is a game, with commodities and strategies.
  4. Yeah I’m really not seeing why you’re so mad about who your pupil is. Either he keeps your or he’ll let you get hired away. 🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s not like you have to talk to him or like him.
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  5. I just like be asked before at the least and I got upset when someone told me they were being farmed for trying to hire me back
  6. I was just upset that other people are being punished for trying to hire me why can’t it just be a sit down talk
  7. But I like talking to pups I posted hi on his wall it was deleted and ignored sent a friend request it was rejected
  8. Ok?
  9. I didn’t think of it as strategy I thought it was more targeted maybe I was wrong
  10. The only real point of pupil/tutor is that tutors give pupils a special stat bonus. There's no other requirements or uses. Tutors are used by a pupil to meet max plunder and to gain an advantage when engaging in PvP. That's it.
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  11. I realize that now I was just hurt that I was ignored all I wanted was to make friends with them
  12. And he doesn't want to make friends with you, so it's best you move on. Plenty of other people on the app to befriend.
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  13. Get over it it's part of the game
  14. You don’t have to be so rude about it jeez

  15. I agree EXCEPT. One year I was being farmed by this weird man that was obsessed with me and silly pimd teen romance. He hated me and my bf or something. So he made a small alt to farm me and hired me on his main account. He sent alot of racist and inflammatory stuff in PM so I blocked him. But then because he was my pupik he would message me constantly in tutor chat. Like just awful things.

    Anyway at the time i was planning a big war with all these great players. And i was so sad because it was almost my 16th birthday and here i was being harassed by some creepster that was my pupil so i couldnt get away from his messages.

    Anyway, i share this to say that if your pupil is harassing you in tutor chat i think that obviously does affect you game play And you should report them like did and make sure they are punished by the HIGHER PIMD POWERS THAT BE. Thanks for listening.

  16. People that were my friends kept tryna hire me from him but eventually I was like a tril with really low stats 😂 So i reset (RIP the reset button) and he started again. AND MADE ANOTHER ALT to farm me at like 1kcs. 🌚 sickening.
  17. I always take off tc so idk
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  18. Didn't ment to I was just saying
  19. All I gathered from this is that you used to be too young to play this game but were playing it anyway.
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