Fire pupil/request to hire

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  1. They should make a fire pupil option for those of whom have inactive pupils or just may not get along with their pupils and or a request to hire as in a player requests an individual to hire them. -@maddy221
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  2. But additionally if you don’t get along with your pup, you could block and ignore them or ask a friend to hire you.
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  3. That won’t work if their a farmer though
  4. It works perfectly fine if you ignore notifications
  5. Also you can’t fire a pupil, like realistically, they “hire” you, so you’d actually have to “quit tutoring” them.
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  6. Who your pup is duznt change your game. If you don't like them don't talk to them. Problem solved
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  7. See you got one of them KY4F guys as your pup and *most* people are smart enough to *not* hire from them without admission. Your particular pup I do not know, but if they’re anything like the rest of the group they’re probs chill af. Send them a gift and say hi? Worst that could happen is they reject it. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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  8. As I have already said farmers do not care
  9. I didn't say any thing about farmers. Your hire value could be 1000 still and it wouldn't matter. You don't need a pup to play the game n it duznt matter who has you hired. You can still play the game. If you don't like who your pup is just don't talk to them no one is forcing you to. You making this more confusing then it needs to be
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  10. Be rude af to your pupil and try to get them to drop you? Lol
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  11. Probly why getting farmed
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  12. works a lot i i dropped a few tuts cos of their atitutude and know friends who did that when they broke rs and all
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  13. Just keep posting "I'm underpriced and active UwU" in pub and campus
  14. I had one who wouldn't respond to me and always hired back. So I sang annoying children's songs in all caps in your chat until he let me go. 😊😂😂😂
  15. Being annoying in tc is useless. The pupil can just block you and they won’t see. But allowing players to “fire” their pupil would be a huge change to game mechanics and a horrible idea. Tutors are a commodity.
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  16. I wish I could fire my pupil, she hurts my feels.
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  17. I mean, you don't have to just do it in TC. Constantly posting like, "my pupil wants hot rp, tell them Muschi sent you" or "my pupil is giving away entire showcase, tell em my ign for an extra prize!!!" on walls and in chat channels can also do the trick.
  18. O yeah. I did that too. 😆 "Hit my pup up for the best rp" "my pup does **insert weird fetish here** rp the best😍" 😂😂 But I liked that pupil 🙁 she decided I was too much of a liability 😪😂
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  19. Not if they farmer your friends it kills the fun hints the accounts with killing for fun