fight button needs to be removed

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by -Mars-Pi-, Dec 13, 2015.

  1. Actually this isnt a Game Its a messenger app Like (am i allowed to say those app Names?) Lol in advanced ?

    So idk if its matter Whats important is RP.
    Rp RP Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp
    \^o^/ \^o^/ \^o^/
  2. Well you can easily tell who is new to pimd and who knows how pimd was played back in the beginning just by the responses alone 
  3. If fighting is gone then how will I threaten my 600kcs clubmates to do what I want
  4. Not really a messenger app at all. Are you telling me that you go around talking to 1kcs arpee nubs?
  5. Remove yourself from the game if you felt the need of removing the fight button.
  6. Words of wisdom.
  7. Of course the arpee’er would support it.
  8. Support