fight button needs to be removed

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  1. Lol. People farm. Just put all yout cash away and then level up through dorms so they leave you alone.
  2. :O
  3. So helpful

  4. ?yeah Roy put all your money away and then level up your dorms to ssj3
  5. Whiner will always be whiner
    Its not u losing real money duh
    Stupid idea ever
  6. I disagree because it's just a game???
  7. anyone else notice how the "meet people" section is pretty much inactive people? farming has lost its fun when you have to search wc for someone around your stats
  8. If a person complains about getting farmed on forums they might as well stop playing the game. This game would just be a social app without a farming system?and by social i man thuuursties left right and centre (●__●) i ain't about that life mate (҂⌣̀_⌣́)
  9. Dude pimd is all about fightw
  12. I want it the way it was before.. Fun wars, chatting with people and just having fun
  13. way to bump multiple threads from years ago
  14. At least it's a funny thread to bump
  15. Lol oh dear
  16. Wow didnt even notice.
  17. Open war. 1mcs+
  18. But do they still matter? ?