fight button needs to be removed

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by -Mars-Pi-, Dec 13, 2015.

  1. Fight button needs to be removed because someone hit me and I lost my money. ATA please take away fight button in next update thank you
  2. Please be kidding... But this was damn funny 
  3. Not even a joke anymore. Please don't even mention this idea. It makes me sad.
  4. Omg me too.....totally support. Why would they make a feature where you would lose the money you patterned so hard for ?
  5. well said op
  6. If pvp went away then why would stats matter? :(
  7. Clubs still hit pattern?
  8. To party
  9. Lolwut.
    Are you crazy, OP?
  10. I lost 400m also ?

    That's like one regain and I have to wait 5 minutes and that's slowing down the speed that I will lcbc
  11. Sadly yes
  12. ?how will I hit u footypoooo if they take away the battle button. And what would Steven do with all his spare time. Plz ata don't do it.
  13. Hmm, you're forgetting something...

    If they take away the fight button, we'd still have the dance off, eavesdrop and prank buttons.

    Good idea, take away the fight button and replace it with steal :D
  14. Mars, you hide your money in tutors, phony money, or the bank. That way it doesn't get stolen when people hit you ?
  15. Your hanging out for that rp button ain't you mars :lol:
    all seriousness I hope not
  16. This is a bad idea.. My stats might not be that good but removing the fight function would make this game sh1t.. It would also make the game an rp game which it already is.
  17. ^ don't hate on rp dood, come visit my pm and you'll be a changed person. jk but nu support op
  18. Agreed. Please remove it. The fight button will stunt the development of all the children on PiMD.