LIMITED-TIME CONTENT Femme Fatale Raffle!πŸ’„

Discussion in 'Events' started by ATAClaptrap, Nov 14, 2022.

  1. Please wait patiently, every raffle takes forever to have everything paid out completely. They usually go by tiers. Usually it takes about 6 hours for all pay outs to be completed fully.
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  2. They’re still sending them out, I just got the rest of my rewards now. πŸ’›
  3. i didnt get my cash raffle rewards yet ;-;
  4. My head just finished processing what you said. Yehh you will get the boxes if you still havnt got them yet. The cash raffle prizes are different
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  5. won the 1000ec prize 🫢🏽🫢🏽🫢🏽
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  6. Thank you for doing the raffle loved the prizes πŸ’™
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  7. Anyone wanna swap the stat items? Lmk
  8. Do I collect my rewards and send in a ticket for my sixth box? Or should I wait for ATA to fix it? πŸ‘€
  9. Id give it till reset and if still nothing then send help ticket
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  10. It doesn't really matter since they're not responding even if you send help ticket πŸ’€ Just wait.
  11. It tskes more then 2 seconds for them to respond. Can take a few days sometimes
  12. Question if you bought multiple tickets will you only win one prize?
  13. Yes. You cant come 1st and 4th or whatever
  14. Ok but 9 hours later where are the runner up prizes
  15. Oh ok so if u get rubber up it means all your tickets got runner up right?
  16. wow first time winning tier 3 and get avi after 2 of my prev raffle never got the avi 😭 thankyou ATA for my super late bday gift πŸ₯°πŸ˜
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  17. There's going to be a lot of runner ups - be patient ❀️
  18. My first ever bf raffle n I got tier 5 lol
  19. Also got my Tier 5 cash prize!!
  20. 5 tickets and I got a box, again same as last year yet two people I know got avatars AGAIN.. how are winners even picked by favouritism? 🀣🀣