February Spinner Items, Avis & Furni x BHM Edition

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  1. Is it just me or does the NON-VIP choreographer have an art mistake? There's a floating pixel that got caught in the stroke effect. Still cute though.
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    Wish they did this for National Hispanic Heritage Month ☹️
  4. Yall did yall thing for us! Them bantu knots on the girl avi.. nice touch! W3 here for it! ??????????
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  6. Im kinda bummed out. I was saving up my spinner tokens waiting and expecting some valentine's avatar:( and it just me or did anyone else notice that both the birdys for this month spinner item looks like male birds(thinking emoji)?
    P.S ATA. Is there anyway you can mix in some valentine's avatar too. TYVM
  7. That seems to be a frequent oversight tbh. I've noticed a few other avis with it but I don't recall which ones off the top of my head
  8. So cute, love the avis, super into the furni and look at those borbs! ?
  9. Maybe they could have considered mixing up bhm and valentine's together.you know like black avatars in valentine's theme costumed? that would have been actually kinda cool and sexy?
  10. Support.
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    Awe :( now imma be stuck waiting an entire month again to possibly get new white avis 
    But those avatars look good af ?️ donut get me wrong..
  12. Nvm I just went through my array of avatars I have and was going thro my past years v'day avatars. Yeah..that v'day avatars were all mostly terrible. Except for the valentine's bag avatar
    Go figure...
  13. I love the spinners, they remind me of "A bugie's life"
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    Definitely one of the best combos of ideas. 
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    Gorgeous! Thanks ata!
  16. Yes definitely agree can’t wait for Valentines Day Hunt ? we need more sexy avatars. They been very PG...
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    Thank you! I have been wanting more black avatars for myself! Thank you for being inclusive! I need all of the black history month items!️
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    Hehe... some big breasted Latina with a huge butt, in heels, and skimpy outfit. I vote yes! ?
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    Anyway, I came here to comment that the only thing I’m sad about is that the furniture is hard af to get since it’s mixed with all that winter stuff and I feel it’s gonna take me months to get it.
  20. This is a great way to love for the black community,love this?