February Spinner Items, Avis & Furni x BHM Edition

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  1. A Message from the ATA Creative Team

    "The beginning of February marks the start of Black History Month and we wanted this month’s avatars and furniture to shine a light on the excellence and successes within the Black community in PIMD. As developers it is our responsibility to have our players be able to see themselves represented in game, and by working together, we are able to put in the effort needed to add in the variety of identities that reflect the diversity of our community.

    Representing the differences in races, ethnicity, body-type, and cultures of our audience is something that needs to be done with consideration. When done right, a player will feel empowered when they see themselves in the game, making them braver against the discrimination that they face.
    For this Black History Month content we consulted with Multi AWARD-WINNING COMICS WRITER, EDITOR, AND PUBLISHER Taneka Stotts. We worked with Taneka on creating new identities that reflect our community, both past and current. With her wonderful creative vision, success as a publisher, and experience as a black woman from the queer community, we crafted a collection of modern African American culture mixed with Afrofuturism-inspired avatars and furniture.

    We all hope you like this content. At A Thinking Ape we need your voice on how to improve, and we invite you to submit your feedback or start a forum thread, and by doing so, build a future with us.

    Thank you for being a part of our community <3"

    -[ATA]Finn-Lily (previously [ATA]Jodie) and the Creative Team

    Black History Month Avatars

    In honouring Black History Month, these beautiful avis will be available in the Store, while their VIP versions will be available in both the Store and Prize Spinner!

    5 EC

    200 EC

    Available until March 1st, 2019 at noon PST.


    All of this will be available through the Store and the Winter Furniture Box!

    Spinner Items

    February Spinner Items are now here until noon PST on March 1st, 2019.

    Solitary Lovebird


    Lonely Lovebird


    Red and Pink Bow Ties


    Lonesome Rose


    Collect 5 of each to have them automatically combine into...

    Two Happy Lovebirds

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  3. I love this.
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    Yaaassss. I am here for this!
  8. NICE, love this. Way to go ATA
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    Love it
  10. Love the avis! Great job ATA on diversity this month? :)
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    I’m loving the representation! Thank y’all
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    I have a pet lovebird, so I'm pretty excited for this month's spinner set.

  14. LOVE! ?
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    Loving it, I already bought one .
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    The avis and the poster and the portrait. GOOD JOB!
  18. Where's the representation for furries though