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    Okay so I’ve been having major artblock lately and drawing pimd avatars really help for when i don’t know what to draw so I thought it’d be fun to pick a favorite avatar from each hunt when they come out and draw it 💜
    I’ll be updating this thread every hunt ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    also if anyone ever has an avatar from each hunt they really like id be down to draw it! 👀
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  2. I definitely feel this 😂 I’ve always loved art, but art blocks can get so discouraging and troublesome to get out of.

    I’ve been trying to doodle things every day to make my style more consistent. Do you have personal goals for your art?
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  3. definitelyyyy, I had such a bad rut last night where i couldnt draw anything lol

    my goal isnt really that big but since im still pretty new to digital art (im a traditional ink and watercolor purist) and now that ive gotten the hang of h o w it works i need to make some brushes that i like, some are too cartoony and bold and im trying to find/make the perfect one atm
  4. God I adore watercolor! I was a major fan of copies and colored pencil for ages, but once I got the hang of the paint it did wonders.

    I’d like to work with acrylic more, but I’m not great at color mixing.
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  5. I had a big acrylic painting i neglected for a long time and i recently finished half of it and now im neglecting the other half lol

    also you mentioned about making a consistent style, what kind of style do you do?
  6. Idk if you like *other* people's art but have you seen Lora Zombie's stuff? She's a super talented water colorist and I sploosh everytime I see something new by her
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  7. My interest in art stemmed from graphic novels, so it definitely has a more anime ish feel to it. But eventually I’d like to go more into semi-realism.
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  8. The name sounded familiar, so I looked her up.

    I’ve seen her pieces before for sure, and I admire the amount of color payoff she gets in paintings. Her manipulation of watercolor as a medium is insane.
  9. I’ve never really gotten into the art scene with other people but im googling her as we speak 👀

    okay i just checked and their art is amazing wowww !!
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  10. I want to see your rendition/interpretation of dignity by the great artist Kirk van Houten. [​IMG]
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  11. welp im just here to say imma rooting here for your arts👯🙌
    also, will you try different art styles for each avi or you wanna stay consistent through all the avis you gonna do in the future?
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  12. I dont think I have the skills for that, the beautiful composition is just out of my range
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  13. (my reply didnt send but its the one above 👆🏼)
  14. tyty! im mostly thinking about staying consistent but I might switch things up depending on the avi