Fast and furious hunt

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by The_Yellow_Flash, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. Collecting engine part and a box from japan. just a lil idea. .collecting Toretto car part like engine,rims and cars body. . 
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  3. There are no Fast and Furious movies to be released soon and the last one was not released recently.So,is this hunt relevant ?
  4. Doesn't have to be Fast and Furious but collecting parts to create entire cars sound interesting. Just maybe the mechanics of it. Maybe certain cars can be collected through beta wars or something. If the cars have stats like Frida, would be pretty intense. 
  5. Or avis with racing uniform would be nice too. The picture I'm having in my mind is the formula one race uniforms :O
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  7. Only if I can end up with an AMG at the end
  8. Nice idea ?

  9. yeah i think something like tht too
  10. Do hunt suggestions on forums ever get realised?0.o
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  12. Look what I did

  13. We are so proud of you
  15. yes but they could also do that with any item, say a flaming rainbow donkey and give it 2m/2m and people would go crazy :lol:
  16. Is that... Barbie?¿