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  1. All the low stat clubs can't finish partys not even fake art can't do fúckn nothing
  2. And I oop. Have you tried asking clubs to wall you?
  3. Yehh from the moment I was ready to get out of the noob starter club. All the ones that invite me was clubs that couldn't win partys or séxtng clubs that berly did partys if at all. Even tryed merc just doing lbh partys n was just as bad
  4. See if you can sell stuff for a bento or two and attend a short CC session to help you grow. That way you can get into clubs with a bit higher stat requirement, b/c those usually are more reliable irt party completion
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  5. Don't have that much stuff tho inless people wanna buy noob furni that can't get rid of
  6. You could sacrifice your stat items for a bento.

    You also have a furni key and another furni box you can try to open and hope you get something decent.

    If you're willing to spend IRL money (or try completing offers), you could just outright buy a cat to drop.
  7. There’s seriously so many clubs with no min stat req that finish parties so quick. Also one way I leveled up extremely fast was by selling the piggies they give you as story rewards. The first time I did that I was able to buy the first 34 dorms and put and at least put t3 roommates in there
  8. I'm not a noob ik about the pigs but where these clubs at coz none them showing for me
  9. How has op not gotten a temp ban
  10. Why wad I do bad
    1. So many threads
    2. Grammar
  11. I'm more good at writing now tho
  12. Also don't take my tuts now gonna play again but just slow not gonna try just gonna do it
  13. Asking a question or complaining about something in the game isn’t ban worthy.
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  14. Oh ms goodie here 😂😂😂😂🙊🙈
  15. Truth. They didnt threaten no one
  16. Making a bunch of posts is though
  17. And u care why?
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  18. Locking for off topic
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