Farm List 2

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Kefo, May 20, 2018.

  1. Not sure how this works- can I submit a name?

    Asking was kicked from our club for failure to gift for multiple parties during promo weekend and overusing DNs.
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  2. 😳 awkward
  3. Only inactive players go on the list.
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  4. Just checked asking’s wall
    They’re a terrible person lmao
    They deserve to be on this farm list 😂
  5. Is there a name of an inactive player that I can hit? I want to get all 3 tiers in the daily xc thing, not sure how this all works
  6. Lmao. I’m not inactive
  7. Lol I’m not inactive
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  8. Just wanna say ign -Belleville- is active and she isn't participating in the PVP event.
  9. -iiBradii-
  10. @superseducer699xdd 185,232/632,210. my pupil on there was rude once or possibly twice, and i will no longer ug w da cash monay. i mean, like whoever has this acc
  11. Alexus 28.2mcs/11.4mcs
    asking for sfw 😆
  12. Stonedkitty and her rs was both owners of an ec club that never refunded so hard farming them next hunt 👀
  13. This isn't a get your revenge thread
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  14. Idk if I’m on list or not but I’m no longer inactive xD
  15. :)