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    The best season is FINALLY here.

    Avatar Shards


    You have a chance of getting any of the following shards:
    Wooden Robin Carving Shard
    Wooden Fox Carving Shard
    Wooden Deer Carving Shard

    These shards will be available from opening the Fall Equinox Shard Box. This Shard Box is available in the Store from now until 12 PM PST on Tuesday, September 28th!

    Fall Equinox Avatars

    While the shards are only available for three weeks, the avatars can be purchased up until 12 PM PST on Tuesday, October 5th!


    Please note you will NOT be able to achieve the VIP avatars without first having the regular set!

    Time to don your accessories like a crown.

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  2. Oh damn. Those are nice
  3. that’s so hot
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  4. i need them all 🀀
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  6. If you guys need a better artist for male avi please find someone.. female avi great yet once again male avi are subpar it’s messed up.
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  8. Ooo πŸ’›
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  9. I’m living for the 95/95s
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  10. Okay, the fox ones are super cute, and the shards themselves are hecking adorable
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  11. Gorgeous!
  12. LOVE
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  13. the shards are sooo cute!
    the vulpine spirit is a must need!
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  14. YESSSS RUN ME THAT DEER AVI πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’™ oh what a time to be alive! My
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  15. Birds dont have horns so i dont understand the male avi for it
  16. Yeah ima need all fem Avis 😍
  17. Omg wow 😍😍😍
  18. Love the reusing of the same poses πŸ™„
  19. Oooooo I like
  20. Im in love gimme gimme 😍 so cute