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  1. alright lads i wanna know what type of fairy you’d be and why

    for me
    i have no clue bUT i’ll get back to you guys
  2. None coz I'm not gay. But like that just for chicks so why you made this to guys
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  3. i mean i use ‘lads’ and ‘guys’ for everyone but ok

    and thank you for telling me your sexual orientation, wasn’t what i expected to hear but sure
  4. Lad here means man. Never heared any one call a chick a lad before coz it's for a man not a chick
  5. Even when write it in google it says it. Boy or young man
  6. What types of fairies are there??
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  7. should have put something in about the different types oops but check this out!!
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  8. I think I’d either be a Kobold or a Brownie.
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  9. brownies are so cute 🥺
    ive decided i’d probs be a nature fairy hehe (or a pixie 😈)
  10. A Fairly Oddparent.
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  11. Probably a Brownie or Nature Fairy, based on your reference link.
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  12. A boob fairy
    A tooth fairy
    A death fairy
    A drunk fairy
  13. I have been the tooth fairy for years now
  14. Question: Do you just toss the teeth, or are you one of those moms that keep the teeth for, like, some weird scrapbooking thing?
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  15. Send your child’s teeth to me so I can make a bracelet and rings from them.
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  16. does it have to be a child’s tooth???
  17. Any tooth is a good tooth.
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  18. I toss them. My mom told me she tried to save ours when I was a kid but they just broke down and disengaged.
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  19. Sometimes you scare me 😂
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