Facial Tattoos

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  1. Why do you think I blocked you?

    And no, it wasn't. I'm still unsure
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  2. Did you check out the website I suggested yet?
  3. I do care about my appearance. Which is why I have tattoos everywhere except my face and neck.
  4. What are the under boob tattoos called? Like the one Rihanna has.
  5. I did! I even ordered things =]
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  6. They're called under boob tattoos. Or ribcage tattoos.
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  7. I care about my appearance, too. Which is why I have a qt and kind of giant tattoo on my neck that attracts all the hot goth girls
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  8. Oo! Lemme see when you get them =]
  9. I feel slow. I know a few people with those and they get creative asf with the designs.

    Although... I don't see the point in those
  10. I have big visible tattoo and love the idea of ink in general, but i wouldnt get face tattoo.
  11. That's cool.
    Quick question off topic.. Is Maddi on your payroll to "Like" everything you post? 😂
    All jokes aside, I'd probably mull over the idea of a face tattoo for a bit before getting one. See if the "phase" passes or not. I came up with a plan for a half sleeve and I waited a year before actually getting it just to be absolutely certain. Getting a tattoo on a whim is probably going to turn out to be a regrettable one later. That's just me though. 🤷‍♂️
  12. Because I called you Thursday and you said if I did it one more time you'd block me and I called your bluff iirc
  13. They seem painful af
  14. Anything directly over the bone is. The one on my collarbone felt like I was being murdered
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  15. Oh I forget that. Ig I wasn't bluffing though
  16. I could never
  17. The ribcage does indeed hurt, you really get to feel exactly where your rib bones are with them. And the closer to the boob, the more it hurts.
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