Exploiting gamblers

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Kefo, Oct 24, 2020.

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  1. I truly agree. I’ve only ever been in forums before for potd 🤦🏻. I even unwatched thread and somehow I’m still getting notifs. 😒
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  2. This is so stupid🤣 i was scammed out of a 999 by someone. You see me starting a forum on it? Lol. Pathetic. If you have a problem with it dont join. Easy as that, Einstein.
  3. I mean, I would encourage you to make one❤️
  4. how do you get scammed out of a 999 with a trading system in place?-
    Genuine question 👀
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  5. I can only think of them maybe gifting a 999 for a raffle. I'm curious too 🔍👁
  6. Participating in a raffle isn’t necessarily a scam though because the whole point is it’s a gamble, you might not win something, yknow?
    But yes I wanna answer 👁👁
  7. Raffles are so common on pimd. The author obviously just wants some attention... what a surprise...
  8. what isnt common in pimd
  9. I agree. @JustBoredRightNow where ya at
  10. hosting a new raffle today.
    Host keeps the whole pot only.🌝
    Tyvm. Join now.
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  11. Actually there is a well known scammer.

    She always says
    “I’m giving away 20 🍱 to ppl gifting me furniture. If it’s good enough 4 ppl will get 5 🍱 each!”
    Or something like that.

    She talks ppl into gifting away their best furni then gifts her alt the bentos to make it seem real. But you can always tell it’s an alt because even tho they got the gift bentos, any items of value including the bentos are not in the alts showcase.

    When they’re satisfied, the acc accepts all the gifts and blocks all the players. She never leaves tickets to be traced back to her and makes new accounts to pull the same scam all the time.

    Most raffles are a risk but at least legit. This girl (or possible a team of them) is a constant and known scammer. It’s a vicious cycle that because of silencing rules ppl barely speak out and ATA doesn’t give a shh.
  12. What is her ign?
  13. 😂😂 There are several obviously. And I’m already silenced for speaking out against her.

    (Otherwise I totally would join @Honor ’s raffle 😉🤣)
  14. So it's Honor eh 🌚 I'll drop a few notes on them
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  15. Encouraging people to break tou is still against tou soOoOoOoOoOoOoOo if that's what this thread has come to thanks to the op, then we just gonna lock this shiz.

    Also, I don't get how its exploitation when she literally outlines exactly what she is going to be doing with the entries she receives. That seems very transparent so that people can make their decision on if they would like to participate in a raffle where the host keeps part of the profit. You obviously don't like that, so don't participate. How nice of her that she included such information so that you could make an informed decision ❤️

    Ok locking.
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