Exploiting gamblers

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Kefo, Oct 24, 2020.

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  1. I’m giving away a looooot of chibis, and honestly I hope to a winner that’s never had that many. Again, at the beginning of this raffle I donated 50c of my own to start. But really Kefo is just starting some drama and can complain all he wants 😂

    Through my last raffle I met someone special and fell in love. I've met wonderful ppl that have contributed and refused tickets because they also hope to spread a little fun and excitement. I need absolutely zero approval from a whiny child (not you Omi).

    Omiyosiw, we may not agree on perspective but I hope you can understand mine a bit more. ☺️
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  2. 1/4 of the pot goes to you.

    Your sophistry ain't making us forget that.

    That means that 1 in 4 people who comes to you and donates a chibi to the pot, you smile at, and put that chibi in your pocket.

    If you were truly honest, you would tell them if and how many of their chibis you would put in your pocket.

    I doubt they'd still participate.
  3. Drama is the lifeblood of this game and especially forums.

    Thank you @scandalized and @Kefo for your dedication to keeping forums alive.
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  4. Ooooh yay! Let’s math!!

    Current pot is 162

    162/0.75 = number of entries total = 216
    So I should be getting 216-162 right?

    That's 54. But WAIT! What about that donation? I guess I’m not getting those because I actually gave those to the pot.

    4c dude. I’m profiting 4c.

    👻👻👻👻 Eeeevil raffle 👻👻👻👻
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  5. [​IMG]
  6. Do you didn't add 50 chibis. Ur just taking 4. Okay. So virtue
  7. You guys done yet orr
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  8. Honestly seems petty. Let a person raffle??? they seem like their doing a decent raffle anyways and Their keeping things in check. As theyve said they only get a few chibis back and its hard enough to get people to trust you enough to enter it anyways. So why so much shade? smh..
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  9. because your future grandkids puppies are not good bois
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  10. Selfish.... that’s what you are
    Didn’t see you EXPLOITING anyone on the leaderboard coz you be in fear of being farmed.Targeting then noobs as usual 🙄
  11. I been farming hunt leaderboard tyvm Buwbuw
  12. Kefo is the type of man who complains about the little things. Remember that B for billions stunt he pulled.
  13. Wow I also complain about big things. Smh
  14. What big things 😔
  15. he still whines about peace tags an bumps his thread about em. does that count as big
  16. The Wounded Warrior Project charity for vets gives 15% or less towards said vets.
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  17. You underestimate the power of Kefo lol
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  18. Gambling is worse than McDonalds
  19. 😂😂🤣🤣🤣 Kefo continuing to complain is worse than the things he complains about.

    seriously how are you still here 🙄 there are literal scammers out there - go bug them
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  20. If this forum keeps going I'm losing faith in this community.
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