Exploiting gamblers

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Kefo, Oct 24, 2020.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Why are people on here still exploiting people and soliciting third party app contact?

    If a casino kept 1/4 of the money, nobody would go. That's got to be the worst, most exploitative odds I've ever seen!

    The house deserves nothing. Bankrupt them.
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  3. Then don’t participate?
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  4. Scandalous i hope
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  5. I feel like their name could've been left out of it? I was confused when I first saw it as well but no ones forcing you to enter so seems kinda pointless.
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  6. Screen shots and player hating. Tru votes lock this pathetic thread.

    Always bet on Red 14 it’s a sure win.
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  7. All boring comments except for Sparrow💤
  8. Well if you don’t want boring then might as well gamble huh?

    I don’t need to plead anything lol. My rules are very clear and I have not tricked anyone into this so...? Most entries are like 1c so the chance to win 150c is pretty amazing I think. Not sure what your problem is here.

    Have a nice day 🥰
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  9. You don't understand how the racket is exploitative despite running it and taking a 25% cut.

    Hpwis it fair that you get 1/4 chibis? Why mot include all in pot?
  10. Again, the rules are clear and the raffle is optional. That’s how it’s fair. Also I’ve spent a lot of time with speakers, cataloguing, giving tickets, and double checking everything is accurate.

    It took one minute looking at your wall to see what you consider “fair dealings” dear. Basically everyone on there is complaining about your pricing and hoarding. Now I wished you a nice day. I will give no more response to whatever petty complaint about something that has nothing to do with you.

    Goodbye 👋
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  11. Once upon a time stripper Laura ran a similar raffle. I didn't like stripper Laura. So I undercut her and ran a free raffle for awhile.

    You should do the same
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  12. That sounds like a great idea!

    I did forget to mention I donated 50c at the beginning of the raffle to get it started and honestly I’m barely breaking even but 🤷🏻‍♂️

    A free raffle sounds like a great idea for a player as old and with as much to give as him. (I’m not even being sarcastic that’s legitimately such a nice plan).
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  13. 😂Again, why take 25%?
  14. I didn't give away my stuffs. Just 100% payout on lotto. 1 chibi entry》》50 entries》》50 chibi payout
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  15. You mad? Bro? You have 1.2b
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  16. Yeah I'm mad
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  17. Don't worry, Kefo, I agree with you.

    I've wanted to hold several raffles myself, but everytime I planned one it felt like I was taking too much profit in it. I'd rather just do free and easy giveaways, considering you can get the items free and fairly easily anyway 🤷 Just seems kinda mean to me
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  18. But the tagging and targeting me wasn’t? I’m happy for y’all to play and give however you want. Again, if anyone thinks it’s unfair, they don’t have to enter.

    Often if I see players entering all the chibis they have, I check in and make sure they remember it’s randomized and even with a bunch of entries, nothing is guaranteed.

    Giving clear instructions is not mean. Deciding to hold a raffle to hopefully benefit a member of PIMD, while stating my profit possibly for the work I’m putting in is not mean. Taking time out of your day to troll, judge, and complain about someone on the internet you know nothing about, that seems unnecessary and petty. I’m working on something positive. I suggest you put your energy to something positive as well.
  19. Idk if positive is the word I'd use. It's not as sneaky or underhanded as kef is implying since it's all there out in the open but it's not like you're doing anything great, either
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  20. It ain't positive if ur pulling 1/4 of the pot. It's exploitation. If you took no cut, it would be fair.
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