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  1. Id like to buy a ticket for a baseball game. Yes i know its currently not baseball season but its for my dads gift but i understand nothing.
    Please tell me...
    1. Where do i go
    2. Does it list the games or do i need to manually search
    3.is it a complicated process
    4. Any other information i might need
  2. It's very complicated. You're gonna need three forms of ID, an FBI background check, and a blood sample before you can even apply for membership to the top secret ticket buying club.
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  3. Wait until baseball season unless you're planning to buy him some indoor amateur ticket for students or something.
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  5. Sarcasm πŸ™‚
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  7. 🌚Type your questions into google first plz.
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  8. There are these websites called search engines where you type what you want to know and it gives you a bunch of results.

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  9. I love how OP knows nothing about sports but still talks about them
  10. She wants to give a gift to her father, as she stated in the original post. She's doing nothing wrong by trying to give her father a gift he will appreciate.
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  11. Quit quoting my posts pizza face
  12. What's a post?
  13. It’s a newspaper
  14. Who all is in your little PIMD file?πŸ€”
  15. Ah, so you're jealous and want to try and sext them? 🌚Clearly you're in the midst of a dry spell, but I wouldn't wish your attention on anyone so I'll gladly decline to reveal them to you.
  16. I couldn't commit on your remedial post when you quoted me cause a non straight mod took away my "privileges" all for posting "bump his selfie."

    But anyways...

    I didn't ask Oni to do anything. I don't know how you can call Oni or anyone ugly for that matter... without calling yourself an atrocious abomination first. I'm never going to be gay. My name might as well be Escanor...

    You mentioned my confidence which is quite hilarious because my confidence stems from being me.

    Must be sad to get easily upset and insecure of a guy who you feel is inferior to yourself. Your insecurities and inferiority complex are going to be your downfall.
  17. Kefo... I'll never be jealous of a grown ass lumberjack who keeps pics of females nudes from PIMD for several years on his phone. Nor jealous of an hairy imbecile who's constantly getting catfiished as I've pointed out before, nor by someone who uses rp as a means to get off as you've admitted to before.

    I'm in the midst of returning comments directed towards you after your anti straight, piss poor comment aimed at me on the selfie thread.

    Also, they're not deserving of being acknowledged by me as anything more than foolish victims to your predator advances. You're the new JakeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I just want to inform them of the predator holding their private pictures and probably private videos too so they can report you to ATA and the proper authorities.
  18. Bro you fucking WISH i felt inferior to you. I would slap your unholy shit around irl it wont look pretty
  19. I got catfished once πŸ˜‚

    And you literally play pimd and want to try and judge people for rp'ing. What are you even doing on here? How do you play pimd for like 3 years and never rp? Are you scared or do you not know how to do it? πŸ˜•πŸ˜‚

    I've seen you hitting on randos on pimd. I have an old ss of you hitting on some girl saying you love hispanics and shit πŸ˜‚ I saw your messages to multiple girls.
    They shared those screenshots because they found your advances creepy. It's rich of you to call me a predator when you start out so strong on people.

    What authorities do you think exist that would care about my normal relationships.

    You act like some religious fundamentalist who won't touch his pp until marriage and want to denigrate everyone for having a healthy sex life, but it's clear to me that the only reason you've changed tact from the sleazebag to this is because you weren't finding enough success in your intimate life.

    When you judge me, it jusf reflects on your failures which stem from your horrid personality and creepy flirting.

    Your rhetoric is so cringe and I hate to think about your pitiable evolution, so can you please stop tryna slut shame me. πŸ€”πŸ˜‚
  20. 2 things

    1. I'm not your "bro." If you didn't feel so inferior you wouldn't feel the need to insult people for no reason. Unless it's @Maddi_Matsu cause she starts shit.

    2. Let's be honest. Irl you wouldn't even get near me unless I was stomping you out along with other people. In fact, you gamble with your life trying to attack me irl. No one around me is going to play with you and I'm definitely never without my gun I don't understand why you feel the need to act tough on a game. You think you intimidate somebody when guys like you die here everyday for thinking they're tough and playing with somebody. How would you get close to me? You're not thinking.
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