Exciting New Club Features!

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  1. What if anyone invites a club owner and s/he accepts it? Will s/he automatically join the club invited for? So what happen to the invited person's club? Like a request given to make anyone other to make president?

    And the new update will be prob for LBH hitters, to find a suitable club at their timezone (At times we allow under stat helpers in club, but in this new update there no option other than walling an admin in that club looking for help :|)
  2. Finally ATA has step up the Game! Neat Update..keep it up 
  3. ATA, you're awesome!  Can we get banned members list feature next? 
  4. Club would get disbanded if a president leaves
  5. Some new awesome features for club i say.....lets start the fun 
    Thanks ATA
  6. Amazing new feature, looking forward to Club Room ????
  7. ??? All Ik is You’re reaching
  8. These new club updates are awesome. I really loved it!!! But I'm hoping that you will have some updates for sending gifts like we can just select (may up to 10 items) how many we can send to someone. So it will be a lot easier than sending it one by one.
  9. A president has to give their role to someone else or disband their club to accept an invite. Same if you are in a club, you still have to leave it to accept the invite.
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  10. This makes it so much easier!!! TY
  11. Sounds about perfect ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️
  12. UwU
    I requested this a while ago ?
  13. Sounds pretty fun hope to see it around more
  14. Cs? Is it m or k?

  15. Ok nevermind i answered my own question 
  16. Soooo now you can't just leave?
  17. Why wouldn’t you be able to leave?
  18. You should be able to select these requirements yourself when searching for clubs ?
  19. This is flawlessly done; covers everything club admins have wanted for a while and more while staying easy to follow. I'm genuinely impressed 