Enhanced Club Greetings and Exits

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  1. So constantly when you join and leave a club you will get the same welcome and leave message in club chat.

    I think it would be cool to add a purchasable tier of greetings and farewell messages that can be bought with in game cash or currency.

    My current greetings follow as such

    “UwU What’s this? (Name) is here? No way check them out!”

    “Watch out!! (name) has appeared in the club. Keep an eye on that rockstar.”

    “Welcome back to the coolest place here. everyone come meet (Name)”

    “Woah did you see that? (Name) just made an awesome entrance.”

    Along with this I thought there should also be some farewell messages in chat also purchasable with in game currency.

    This is a few of my farewell messages I have come up with as well.

    “Aww man, (Name) just headed out, bummer!”

    “What do you mean (Name) just left?”

    “(Name) just left ? Well I hope they come back soon”

    “ (Name) just slipped out during the fun, hope they come back soon.”

    Anyways please give your support if you like this idea. The starting price for these would be 45b and increase in price the more you own. But also, it’s not set in stone. So show your support for the idea and share it around if you enjoy it and maybe we could see this as an update in the future.

    I’d like to thank Complicated_Belle for being my sounding board for all this
  2. Similar to how Discord has greetings then? That’s kind of neat.
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  3. BUWBUW has left YOUR club she stole all the cats when she left! Yeah this could work ... meanwhile the club owner is panic mode.. and members are spamming the club chat..
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  4. Again it’s not customizable it’s just pre existing quotes so it’s easier to program
  5. Why not eh
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  6. Tbh i dont dont mind this
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  7. I like this actually!
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  8. sounds cute, but wouldn't pay a cent for it
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  9. Not even with in game cash, which you earn from parties? It literally doesn't cost you a thing 🤨
  10. Shouldn’t be a purchasable feature, would be a neat UX addition.
  11. instead of that i’d rather we have the option to make our own unique greetings and such. it’d be pretty cool.
  12. That would be a cool idea but also it wouldn’t work due to the fact that people wouldn’t always make an Age friendly welcome or farewell message
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  13. I mean devs could always add rules to it. not everyone follows the rules but at least there would be consequences for it so that people would be less likely to do it.
  14. We gotta start small to be able to build up to getting to customizable messages.
  15. pffft. Go big or gtfo is what i always say.
  16. Ata wouldnt do that coz pedos exist on here and people would take advantage of it to try sell nudes or some shit
  17. Not if they made it so u gotta pay ec to unlock it like w gold passes. the average arpeer who asks for that sort of content doesnt spend jack on this game.
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  18. Most of those small rp noobs you see, and pedo noob accs....are alts of people with big accs. People always hide on smaller throw away accs
  19. Then refer to my other response to op. Like i said. ata could implement consequences or even block out words from being used. its really not that hard. and if they are alts why would they spend it on their main just to be caught on it? pls use ur brain.
  20. This is a good idea 👏👏