End of a Reign

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Marceline, May 7, 2019.

  1. Don’t opt in, problem solved
  2. Donuts says crest of your choice but I had the garalem flag .. I'm.prettybsure I spelled it wrong lol
  3. Well if your opponent have no pvp drops yet, of course its not working
  4. Look at the avatar preview. There is clearly a queenly-looking avi there
  5. Girl damn
  6. They just had to make this hunt all difficult.
  7. No, you get automatically sorted into a House.
  8. Bout to spark hella sfws, ATA
  9. I want queen not something "queenly looking" Thanks for the input tho?
  10. I said queenly-looking because I don't know if she's a queen yet, it hasn't been released for us to see her name or description ?
  11. rip my bank account
  12. It’s a game, we’re supposed to be challenged 
  13. i don’t feel good ?
  14. Would be cool if GoT wasn’t ending in a crap way lmao
  15. Yes but you can choose crest of choice Avis with avatar activator. I think this is where people are getting confused.
  16. Exactlyyy! The hunt idea is great, I’m not opting in only because I’m not a GoT fan, but I’d love to see this style of hunt in the future
  17. Can you be hit if you didn’t join the pvp
  18. I'd like to know this too...
  19. Yes, you can, but they wouldn't earn any shattered swords so useless to do that tbh. :[
  20. Dis a mess