LIMITED-TIME CONTENT Encore Performance: A Story Pass

Discussion in 'Events' started by ATA-Will, Nov 30, 2020.

  1. The avi box is in your showcase.
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  2. Yeah, no.
  3. I’ve been trying for FIVE days for the Reporter’s Recorder (and have completed Cats, Dogs, and POTDs)...guess I am just unlucky. Not cool. Now I’m wondering if I’ll be able to actually finish within 48 days if the recorder and camera are both luck-based. 😅 I feel like if you spend 249ecs, plus having to use many DNs, the recorder and camera drops should be a bit more structured.
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  4. Some people have reported it takes up to a week for them to drop, with constant partying.
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  5. Probably the basic watch one fs because it ends alot sooner and cheaper if u just want a decent basic ish avi and another quick side storyline!
  6. If y'all wanted us to buy dns , then just say that 🥲
  7. Is it too late to buy the watches?
  8. It is.
  9. Does anyone know if the premium watch purchase is over? I went to look for it to buy and I can’t see it anywhere and I don’t see an update from ATA on here saying it’s no longer available.
  10. They aren’t available anymore, option to purchase the watches ended Dec 31st
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  11. Cool thanks for the info!
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  12. Funnnn
  13. Is anyone having issues collecting the Reporters Camera? I have done almost 100 parties and it hasn’t dropped.
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  14. It took a long time for me too but it dropped eventually
  15. This story pass is a complete waste of time. Too many dns and it takes way too long. I don't remember how I answered the question the first time and apparently I got it wrong again the second time. Very frustrating. 👎Dislike
  16. You're supposed to recomplete it 3 times. You didn't get it wrong. That's just how the story works.
  17. So just ignore it and save your money 😘
  18. I'm supposed to get no rewards too? No, too many dns wasted for this. Games give rewards for event tasks completed, this is too unrewarding. And what do we get besides an avi? I don't even remember. I didn't even buy the vip watch.
  19. It does give rewards each time you complete it. Check the Stories Tiers and Rewards thread which shows more info on that.
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  20. Next time think twice before buying ec version of story pass, if it involves random lucky drops in tasks...
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