LIMITED-TIME CONTENT Encore Performance: A Story Pass

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    I just completed a chapter why do I have to do it again?
    This Story Pass is all about being stuck in a time loop, so you may find you are repeating yourself. Just make sure to read the story elements as they come up and select the best answers so you don't have to repeat it more than necessary!!!

    Where do I buy it?
    The Misc section of the store! (The VIP story pass and cash story pass are also in Trending.)
    The Strange Watch will allow you to complete the first chapter of the story, to finish the rest you will need to purchase the Premium Pass (Strange Watch VIP).
    How do I pick the Masculine or Feminine Avatar/Story?
    Once you begin the Story you will be given the option to choose which path you would like your character to play as, and which Avatars you would like to earn. Avatars will come in these beautiful new boxes once you complete each Chapter!
    Can I do both stories and get both rewards?
    Yes! Once you complete the Premium Pass the first time you can restart your loop with the other story and collect the opposite Avatars.
    Be sure to open the boxes containing the avatars prior to starting the story over as you may miss out on the proper rewards!


    I accidentally went home / quit the story. Can I still do the rest of the story?

    Yes! If you buy the Premium Pass (Strange Watch VIP) you will get to continue the story. If you accidentally ended the story after purchasing the Premium Pass it will still activate if you restart the game.
    What if I picked the wrong choices, will it be more difficult?
    It may take a bit longer to complete the Story Pass if you get stuck in a time loop and have to repeat some tasks. Once you break the loop you can still finish the Story and you will collect the same rewards.
    Just be careful to learn from your mistakes and you'll be through it in no time (flat).
    I picked the wrong choice, change it for me.
    Sorry, no. There's even a confirmation! Also, we can't tell if you just didn't like the result of the choice, or you actually mis-tapped.
    What if I got the True Ending, but want to restart the quest again anyway?
    You can only complete each of the two stories once. When you begin this story pass you will find things feel familiar very quickly and you may find you out your are repeating yourself.
    Is the quest the exact same after the restart?
    Not exactly. On restarting the story, you will be chasing a different celebrity down for an interview and receive the avatars you missed the first time.
    Can I do it a THIRD time?? Just to read the story?
    Sorry, not for this story 😔 But we'll see what we can do if we do a quest like this again!
    Can I do both masc and femme quests?
    Yes, but you can't do them both at the same time. You need to complete the first story you picked before you can start the second one.
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