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  1. In the pimd forums not all emojis work due to it being a cross-platform space. Forums are read on iOS and Android devices as well as on PC's.
    In order to have some emojis that are readable by all of these devices, a.t.a include some forum-specific emojis. Part 1 of this guide thing will show you these and show you how to do write them.
    Some android emojis are also recognized by forums, however, I'm uncertain if they translate to PC or iOS devices.
    These working android emojis will be listed in Part 2.

    Part 1: List of all the "Forum Emojis" on PimD and how to do them.

    :) = :*)

    :D = :*D

    :( = :*(

    :cry: = :cry*:

    :| = :*| (Stovepipe, between \ and ~)

    :? = :*?

    :shock: = :*shock:

    :eek: = :*o

    :p = :*P

    ;) = ;*)

    :cool: = :cool*:

    :mrgreen: = :*mrgreen:

    :geek: = :*geek:

    :ugeek: = :*ugeek:

    :x = :*x

    :evil: = :evil*:

    :twisted: = :twisted*:

    :lol: = :*lol:

    :oops: = :*oops:

    :roll: = :roll*:

    :?: = :*?:

    :!: = :*!:

    :idea: = :idea*:

    :arrow: = :arrow*:

    Remember! Take the asterisk (*) out for it to work!
    (Credit for part 1 is due to _MooCow and those who helped him create his guide to BB coding, as I copied directly from it)

    The thread can be found here

    Part 2: All of the android emojis that work in forums






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  2. ????????????‍♀️?‍♂️?‍♀️?‍♂️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♀️?‍♂️?‍♀️?‍♂️?‍♀️?‍♂️??‍♀️?‍♂️
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  3. ?????
    Lol nice Chill. I just checked my computer and it could read all the emojis :mrgreen:. iOS users get extra as is evident. All the emojis above should be readable on all platforms :geek:
  4. Uh
    They’re called emoticons m8
    Not emojis
    You uncultured swine
  5. No support ️
  6. Googling it now and it looks like there's a bit of both. Some are emoticons, some are emojis.
    If there was an umbrella term, I'd use that.
  7. Just call em emos
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  8. Emoticons is old school, like the :lol: looking ones..

    Emoji just sounds better 
  9. If only :')

    Bless Ahli ?
  10. It's a good idea.
  11. Thanks now I can use my signature emoji

  12. I can survive without emojis.
  13. :? and :twisted: is my favorite ??
  14. make a "Colors in Forums" thread as well
  16. Thank you Kefo, but why when I use them I can't see the Android mojis?!?!?