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  1. [​IMG]
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  2. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I drew this hunt’s avis and pet designs 😅
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  3. i also put pimd’s background doodle on the eggs
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  5. I think a lot were confused or didn't know the timezone for the deadline... it would've been easier if it was included in the original post 😢
  6. Although confusing, players could have asked for the deadline as well.

    And I personally thought it was a given that the contest would end at changeover, since most do.
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  7. I did reply yesterday about this. On page 7. Its til 12am pst time. Next time I'll make sure to post that. My apologies. But I did answer when asked.
    12:01 am on 4/16 8/ will no longer be counted. 🤗
    Still have a few hours left. Gl everyone. Once closed. The mods and I will get the rewards out by the weekend. 💚
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  8. [​IMG]
    I hope I can still enter the contest🙈🙈
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  9. Thank you for all entries. No more please. We will come together and have prizes by the weekend. Good luck 🤗
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  10. Going through trying to pick my favorite. Soooooo many great ones. You all did such an amazing job. This is going to be hard to pick🐣🐣
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  11. Good luck everyone!!!!! ❤️
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  12. Goodluck to everyone that entered! 💖🦋
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  13. Though I’m sure I won’t win or such, Duckies IGN change to WhoIsEgo
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  14. ooo cute ign but also you gotta believe in yourself !! 🤧💜