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  1. YAY! Another contest! SO here it goes! You read it right... EASTER EGG CONTEST


    But, you can use a fake egg also
    2) Should have your ign on the egg unless its a big name and then just put a paper next to it with it.
    3) Try to incorporate something PIMD into it!
    IE: misc item, writing PIMD, hypnocat, ppa, etc... More creative the better :)
    Otherwise Have fun! AND be creative!!!
    Any questions please feel free to ask!


    One lucky winner will get: 2 MOD CRATES.

    That will not be the only winner!

    We have AMAZING guest judges who will have their favorites and those people will get a crate from them as well!


    This contest will run from APRIL 7th to APRIL 15th. The judges will then get to pick their favorites and we will get the crates sent out and announce by the weekend.


    My Guest Judges are:



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  2. ❥ Yay!!!
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  3. Oooh, I might have to enter this! Nice.
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  4. Ooo I have some good ideas heheh
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  5. Damn!
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  6. What a cute idea! I can’t wait to see what kind of things people come up with🥳
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  7. Ah I like this idea! Gonna try to come with something for it
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  8. 👏love it
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  9. Hi, I used eyeshadow and eyeliner to color these (rip) so they’re pretty bad 🤧 They’re the hunt drop item, a colors of holi egg, and a doctor’s note egg. 🥚🍳
  10. I like how you did the IGN part!
  11. This is clever 😂 I wouldn’t have thought to break the egg.
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  12. Is the ign my user? So I would put down HarleyRose or whatever?
  13. Oh I want to do this! How do I upload a picture into forums?
  14. Download imgur, then upload your picture there. After click on the picture once, then long click again to copy the link. Then just come back to forums, and click the picture icon on the toolbar and paste your link 💕
  15. Thank you so much
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  16. What if you don't have eggs due to shortage where you live? Could I do one on paper? 😭
  17. Can I just post the picture here or do I have to upload it to imgur.com to have the link?? 😁
  18. Yeah your ign is your username on the game
    You can’t unfortunately, you need to upload the image to an image hosting website to get the link first
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