Dorm Gods Challenge

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    Thanks to the incredible support and interest from the community were already at a whooping 100# entries.

    Because you guys have been so incredible we've decided to add extra prizes!!!


    1st Place: 25 🍱
    2nd Place: 20 🍱
    3rd Place: 15 🍱
    4th Place: 10 🍱
    5th Place: 5 🍱

    Also include:
    BBB +1
    999 x2
    499 x2
    And maybe a crate πŸ˜‰
    We'll see!

    How to enter:
    • Follow @Sancho, @Yaya or myself
    • Dorm must be a composite dorm (No pre-fab ATA dorms. The more mixed dorms you have the better)
    • 2 submissions per ign
    • You can use your furni, store furni or your friends furni. We just wanna see how creative you all are (All we require is a screenshot of your dorm either done by ourselves or you. Pm for details)
    • Submissions end Sunday 25th Aug 12pm est
    If you haven't already entered. Come through and hit us up. It's an easy process and who knows.
    You could be a winner πŸ˜‰
  2. Interesting
  3. Ooooo. Might have to enter this.
  4. 🧐
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  5. Coolness πŸ‘€ if only I made effort w my dorm
  6. Tbh I've always liked your dorm
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  7. D'awe thanks πŸ’• I get shamed occasionally for not switching out my rly old furni items
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  8. Tbh that's part of why I like it. You don't see the furni items a lot anymore, so it adds uniqueness. Plus I like the color palette; it's like a darker version of mine. πŸ’œ
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  9. I remember a contest just like this before good stuffπŸ€™
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  10. Share with all your friends!!!
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  11. Wouldn’t it be better to just submit a picture of our dorm here??
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  12. Add me on pimd
  13. dont you know sancho is a forum noob 🌚
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  14. None of the 4 organizers have a strong forum presence and the non-forum using community are able to participate if submissions are made to us directly 😊
  15. No
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  16. Ah πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
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  17. Just a heads up for people likely to cheat in screenshots; it should be a prerequisite to see the dorm on display in their profile when selecting winners.
  18. I mean what if it originally wasn't a full set because it didn't have a bookcase with it and I added one to it would that technically be eligible?