Dogs - covid-19

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  1. World health organisation announced that dogs don't catch corona virus and released all the dogs that they were testing on.

    So, WHO let the dogs out
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  2. Lock this thread
  3. seeing tweets reposted on pimd forums >>>>
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  4. That's funny. Fell of my dinosaur the last time I heard that.
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  5. thought it was funny so I posted it. I copied from reddit not twitter
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  6. T-Rexes went extinct cause they couldn't wash their hands. :(
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  7. That was funny.
  8. Haha first time I’ve seen this
  9. Honestly the tweet probably was stolen too. :( No such thing as originality.
  10. finna teach my dog how to drive and shit
  11. That's fucked that they had them in the first place
  12. There's much more that's fùcked currently lol.
  13. what's fucked is that this virus hasnt spread all over the US yet ffs
  14. im on fuck it mode after UFC got postponed 🤷🏿‍♂️