Does Anyone Have More Goldfish Than Me? [Contest Sorta]

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  1. At this moment in time I have 1509 Crackers the Goldfish.


    1.) Do you know anyone who has more goldfish than me? If so, what’s their Goldfish count and ign? (For confirmation purposes)

    2.) What’s current amount of goldfish you currently have? (this question is for a separate thing I’m doing very soon 💕)

    Anyways. Whoever is the first to find a player with more Goldfish than I had when I made this post (so at least 1510) will win some random 1mcs prize from my showcase mkay💕

    If a player isn’t found within like 3 days of me posting this then I will give smaller prizes to everyone who answers (so you guys should answer #2 even if you don’t have the answer to #1 🤗)

    Good luck guys💕

  2. 1) -Jillface- she has over 3.5k crackers the goldfish

    2)I only have 63
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  3. Well dat was short.

    Congrats on being da winner and all dat. You get an mcs item and a .25 item for answering both of da questions 💕

    (I’m gonna keep this open for a lil longer cause I still need answer to the 2nd question, y’all will still be awarded though if you participate, but only for the second question)
  4. I currently have 54 goldfish :(
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  5. I have THREE 😂 I'd win a less fishes contest
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  6. Ig it took u more to make the thread than finding the winner😂
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  7. Yeah : (
  8. O. 76 fishies. I like giving them away
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  9. idk if this is still going if someone already found one person but...
    Kimani also has more golfish than you (2594)
    & i have 555 golfishies
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  10. Unfortunately it was the 1st person to find a player... but you still get a small prize for your second answer! 💕
  11. I only have 3 because Oni takes my gold fish
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  12. Im so sorry bb🙈
  13. Give them to me.
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  15. I have juuuuust over 1000 goldfish.
    Now youve made me want more. 😶
  16. Inb4lock since the winner was announced
  17. I forgot I had this thread open : o

    requesting lock 💗