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  1. I know I’m not the only one that wants a doctor who hunt ?? please ata do oneeee
  2. I suggested it on another thread lol
  3. smh.
    pretty sure there's been something similar.
  4. no support
  5. Send ticket if u want them to see it
  6. “sEnD hElP tIckEt FoR yOuR sUgGeSTioNs”
  7. How do we make this happen ?? I mean do I just message them every day. And there probably was one similar but I wasn’t there for it. They need another damnit
  8. Doctor Who sucks
  9. no support

  10. (I personally like the show, however, not enough people know of it’s existence nor do they care. Also I feel like it would be a shitty hunt anyways)
  11. It’s not a bad show. I just feel like they would be able to come up with some creative stuff out of that
  12. Here are the only excellent scripted television shows (which are not cartoons):

    Hogan's Heroes
    Father Brown
    Wilfred (American version)
  13. doctor who sucks
  14. ^ even tho I’ve never watched it ??‍♂️
  15. It’s not that it’s necessarily a crappy show to everyone, it’s just not that popular or well know anymore. Most people wouldn’t understand or be into the hunt.

  16. yasss more tardy boxes for us all ?
  17. Support I needs me a riversong avi stat.