Difference in Bentos

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  1. Why when selling, people ask for chibi (excluding pep chibis) bentos rather than all the bentos? They’re all the same stats?¿
  2. Same stats, yes. But bentos made from chibis are more difficult to create, while the others are easy because they are obtained from boxes.
  3. If you had 10kg of rocks and 10kg of candy, even though they weigh the same, you’d still want the candy
    Unless you some crazy ass mother fucker who sits by their window throwing rocks at people

  4. LMAO... throwing rocks.
  5. I would take the rocks and sell them if they are worth money and then use the money to buy candy
  6. You're backwards. Bentos only made by boxes are a smaller quantity in the pimd trade world. Mainly completed by spenders, which isn't fair to f2p players
  7. Then can u tell me if I have super good luck or super bad luck coz I have only ever made 1 alf bento no others, but have got soooo many chibis that I have made 6 chibi bentos. Always getting chibis from spinner never get other bento pieces from boxes
  8. Do you open a lot of boxes?
  9. Correct me if I right, but PEP BENTOS are harder to create ⚉ so hard infact they use to be worth 2 Tempura/Launcher bentos each....now they are priced at the same simply because they come from the spinner
  10. That crap cost, ⚉ which is why tbh they should be worth more than spinner bentos
  11. I open lite boxes. And now that ive found ec farming ive opened like 2 normal ones. Still nothing tho. Will be lucky to get 1 bento piece from a entire hunt
  12. Yes ec boxes drop those pieces more.. which is why trade community doesn't care for those
  13. Legit gave up on bentos long ago tbh
  14. They're not harder to create, they were priced for 2 bentos when they were still new and gradually decreased in prices after months.

    P.S. I'm confused with your "Correct me if I'm right" tho
  15. Pics or it didnt happen
  16. where ia kefo when you need a wise ass to preach
  17. Play to win players make the rules. It literally stopped being about which items are harder to obtain... on top of dat... pùssy rules PIMD... What girls say goes... if there is a disagreement, some pixels won't be getting pounded by said sugar daddies... This has been a long observation. Us as people who dont spend money to win, dont have the necessary means to demand what prices should be. Therefore, I'm going to start pimping out rp noobs. They'll rp sell some virtual ass and get their pixels pounded so they can send me ish. Any rp hoe who acts up is gone make me finger fùck dat battle button. I'm making newsfeeds wet in rp clubs, best believe dat

  18. Im gonna add to this.

    Yep, they make rp alts to collect chibis/items from their rp friends because they are thirsty hoes and because rp noobs will give you their shït if you just ask them for it.

    And yup, the big spenders set all the prices. It's a war. They devalued the bentos that those who spend money to open boxes obtain. Why?

    so you will never ever ever catch them. They're driving up the gap between your piddly ass mcs bonus and theirs.

    Fix prices against spenders
    Build mcs from bentos traded for other useless shït
    Drive up the gap between you & the rest of the big dogs

    Hmmmmmm...this has someone I know's fingerprint ALL OVER IT!