Developers, please assign homework.

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  1. In the 6 years I've been at PIMD University, I have never done homework, been given an assignment, or gone to class.

    It's all just parties and bullying and hiring henchmen.

    I find it UNREALISTIC that I should be expected to have the skills to be anything but some kind of mobster by the end of this and frankly I am not comfortable with the idea of that. I think it would be miserable


    I think the developers have borrowed too heavily from Gangs at War and I am worried about my career prospects. I need some goddamned help. I mean I should have graduated 2 years ago but it hasn't happened yet and I feel like I know about as much about marine biology now as I did, then.


    Take mercy on us and give us some homework, please. Even just a bit of math and English to complete over a week.

    I have some ideas for how this should work.

    Inspired by people who have asked for daily tasks, and another app called "Endless Frontier" in which you have the ability to answer 10 short arithmetic questions in exchange for a prize.

    This could be married with a "mathletics" model in which your reward is increased for speed as well as mistakes. A simple function of total mistakes and time spent could be used to determine whether you get 1-3 spins worth of spinner coins.

    It would be simple enough to generate a long list of multiple-choice questions and to have us answer them.

    I would also recommend, having some extra questions, untimed, that are more challenging, which we can pass on to our rs, tutors, and maybe club mates but the first two should be easier to implement and neat enough.

    Then at the end of the week, you might post how many people as a % of attempts, were able to answer it correctly, and we as players might just decide to explain these harder math problems to eachother in forums early in the week so everyone can get the right answer (like how we all decided to vote for one team or the other for the goal kittens in the 2019 World Cup hunt).

    Multiple choice is the best way to do things. Perhaps visual comprehension (I spys and crime scenes), reading comprehension, etc. Could also be implemented.

    I think this would increase engagement, be fun, keep us on our heads, and provide opportunities for collaborative learning, and overall improve our job prospects.
    Entice us with simple rewards like spinners and this will be amazing. Yw.

    Passing the questions onto our tutors uses them for what they were hired for which is awesome and people might actually try to weed out and keep hold of the smart ones.

    This would be more like homework than assignments so I'd keep the floor open for ideas about that.
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  2. Can we steal people's answers by hitting them?
  3. Sounds like a cool twist
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  4. you used to have a job or two. 🌚 didnt have time for school work
  5. Personal preference. Also depends on the parents.
  6. 2018*
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  7. Bold of you to assume you have the skills to be a mobster
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  8. Idk if this was sarcastic or serious. Someone help me understand
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  9. What is the difference?
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  10. It’s serious. The idea is optional homework themed minigames that involve math and reading skills, which I think will be fun.

    I think the devs could go a bit further and include topics like boolean algebra, combinatorics, algorithms, and graph theory in a way that people with no background in them can enjoy.
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  11. Absolutely! It would be amazing to see where they go with it. Geometry questions would also be neat, too. Like ones where you have to use congruence, adjacent and parallel angles, complementary and supplementary angles, etc. to find the answer.

    It could literally be anything tho
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  12. nnOOOOO i didn't do homework at school im not doing it on a game 😶
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  13. Skinny ghosts? What do they got to do with anything
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  14. It would be totally optional. Just for some extra spins.
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  15. Thinking makes my head hurt n its not safe for my head to hurt to much
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  16. I’d much rather do homework than decorate a room
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  17. I didn't know you understood how to use sarcasm
  18. I don't. Only semi understand it
  19. Put it coz this bit. Casper says boo. N lean means skinny
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  20. Nono. I meant to say that you were either being sarcastic or doing a v bad job at pretending to be stupid.