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  1. You ever just be walking home from school and see some paper on the ground and then because you're nosy af you pick it up and it's a wedding invitation but then on the back it's a note from someone asking their partner to go to detox for some reason? Same.

    People are strange.
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  2. I'd want my gf to be concerned for my health too
  3. Would she also write it on the back of a wedding invitation that one you then leaves in the snow
  4. Real talk, are you gonna go to the wedding?
  5. It already passed, sadly. Otherwise I would considered
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  6. Can I be your +1?
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  7. If it weren't too late, yes 💕
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  8. Well I suppose at least the writer did good by self-recycling the old invitation...? Although it did end up as litter...
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  9. Maybe the partner dropped it on the floor and broke things up with the detox person. 🥺
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  10. Are you calling me toxic? Frankly dearest, screw you. We're through.
    *scrunches up note and throws it into the snow, then stomps it further into the snow*
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  11. This is funnier if you read detox, not as getting clean off of drugs in rehab, but as the writer asking the receiver to "detox" from ~bad vibes~ by going on one of those "juice cleanses"
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