Detailed Halloween 2020 Hunt Suggestion With Pictures & Story

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  2. I'd love a little nightmares inspired dorm cause I fell in love playing that game and can't wait for the second to come out. Also the first dorm example reminds me of silent hill and I'd kill for a silent hill hunt/dorm style. Good job on then awesome suggestion hopefully Ata listens 👍
  3. Tbh tell ata you made this thread they will come look n probly make it
  4. Done. Hopefully they at least use the avi suggestions XD I want the hat girl and goth girl avi so bad
  5. I love the thought that’s gone into this, it would be cool if they made something based off your ideas!
  6. AMAZING EFFORT. didn’t think you’d actually come with a whole storyline, including misc/dorm suggestions! i’m honestly impressed. you’ve basically done their job 😂 please make this come true! i’d love to have the avis 🥺💕
  7. Your hat girl suggestion started it all XD I choose all the other Avis and dorm based on her lol.

    I’d prefer to see an adult version of her. She looks 12 but a 20-22 yo version would be perfect! Innocent & deadly ☺️
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  8. Support!
    The guy avatar ideas look really good, I would love one of them.