Detailed Halloween 2020 Hunt Suggestion With Pictures & Story

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  1. Quest Name: Riot in the Asylum

    Inspired by:
    🍎Sucker Punch (movie)
    🍎Bioshock 1 (game)
    🍎Murdered: Soul Suspect 1 (game)
    🍎Alice: Madness Returns (game)
    🍎Alice: Asylum (game)
    🍎Outlast (game)
    🍎Little Nightmares (game)

    ✳️ Each part represents one mission in the whole hunt quest. 8 parts for 8 missions.
    ✳️ Every character mentioned will have an avatar suggestion.
    ✳️ The ava suggestions will be posted in a reply to this thread soon.
    ✳️ The Story can be simplified to fit the quest formats.


    Part 1

    (note: names are replaced with random capital letters because I’m not creative with names)

    In the town of Z, a dozen of young adults have disappeared without a trace. Several of Tess’ friends are part of the disappearances.

    After the recent October snowfall, it has come to the attention of town Z’s residents that the infamous abandoned Y Asylum, which was shut down 30 years ago for illegally lobotomizing patients without family consent, had many fresh footprints leading from the front gate to the building. Rumours are flying that the disappearances are linked to the suspicious activity in the asylum.
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  2. Part 2

    As trainees of the town Z police academy (idk what police in training are actually called), Tess and her colleagues are part of a search team for the asylum. They set out during day time and destroys the locked entrance to get in. To their surprise, the security system of the rusting asylum has been repaired, and the destruction sets the building into emergency lockdown mode, sealing the entrance with a spare metal garage door and alarms ringing everywhere.

    Part 3
    The alarms rouse activity in the asylum. Voices, footsteps and shouts begin to be audible. Tess and her team stick together and use an old map of the asylum that the police department gave them to try and find where to shut down the alarms. During the search, they find evidence of recent activity involving surgeries, lobotomy, electric chair and organ preservations.

    Part 4
    The team managed to find the security room but cannot enter it. They talk about how to get in and make loud noises from trying to open the door by force. This attracts the attention of asylum residents, one of whom is a young woman in old fashioned white outfit (picture in ava suggestion). She appears different from normal people but aware of what’s going on. The girl unlocks the door for them with an employee card, saying nothing.
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  3. Part 5
    Tess asks the white hat girl if she knows how to turn off the alarms. The girl enters the security room and inputs a password that disables the lockdown. She starts digging through the files in the security room, and places a pile of information on the desk for the search team to look at.

    Part 6
    The files show that the founder of the Asylum, K (picture in ava suggestion), was convicted for performing illegal experiments on asylum patients before Y Asylum was permanently shut down. His operations included lobotomy, forced cosmetic surgery, mummifying a living person, organ harvesting, etc. K disappeared before he was arrested.

    Part 7
    After they were done reading the files, white hat girl brings the team to a patient room with beds, where her friends are staying. There is a mummy man, 2 lobotomized girls, an electric chair victim, and one well dressed gothic girl with unknown gene therapy. Only the goth girls can speak, and she reveals that K is still alive and has remained active despite the asylum shutdown. After the deaths of many old patients who ‘disappeared’ when the asylum was shut down, K started to kidnap new people for further experiments. The girl asks for the team’s help in freeing the asylum patients and putting an end to K.

    Part 8
    The team follows the lead of the patients in finding K. They walk into an operations room, where K stands bent over a patient, harvesting their organs. He looks creepily young and handsome for his age. K appears completely absorbed in his work, not paying attention to any of the newcomers who are watching him. He mumbles nonsense, repeating lines such as ‘how else will I stay beautiful forever? It’s not my fault, no, no.’ The police captain orders everyone to draw their weapons on K, asking him to put his hands in the air. K snaps into reality and runs to other side of the room, hitting a button that releases toxic gas. Tess shoots him, but the gas quickly makes everyone sleepy. Covering her nose, white hat girl runs away, never to be seen again. When the search team woke up, they discover that they’re tied to asylum beds, with the goth girl sharpening her scissors.

    - The End -
  4. Ava & Dorm Suggestions in roughly 30mins to an hour. Just need to organise it first.
  5. Definitely interesting, and love the detail put into this. Any current ideas on the misc items?
  6. Thank you. I haven’t thought about misc but I can come up with a list easily based on the story. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
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  7. how many side quest miscs are there in total?
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  8. Let’s keep it simple ... a silent hill Halloween theme hunt!
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  9. OMG! You have put if lots of efforts for brining up all this ideas together. This is a lot of effort. I hope the ata take up the suggestions from all this effort you have put in. I personally like the ideas you have given up there and also thanks for speaking up for others. I really wanted the changes in the avis and furnis. 🎉💕
  10. Tbh! I like your avi suggestions especially the white hat girl damn!! I really want an avi on that now. Girl you have created hunt by yourself and made less work for ata. No one would really take time to work on the whole hunt and give suggestions to the ata for ideas as you did. I really appreciate the hard work you have put in and the time. I wish you are recognized for your hard work queen. 💕
  11. 😱 I don’t deserve such high compliments. Honestly I’m just useless during fasting and wanted to occupy my mind from missing food and water 🌚

    As for making it detailed, I think laying out the framework of the hunt is important because just giving a collection of random pretty pictures don’t really give a team much to work with. Regardless of how simple or detailed, there is a whole quest to be written, so having a full basis is much easier to edit or take away small parts from.

    I don’t really support directly ripping off one movie or game, or any work of others without any self input or originality. That’s how hunts would become recycled and boring over the years, and once you’ve ripped off the story once you look terrible if you try to be inspired by it again.
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  12. Misc Suggestions

    Main Quest Miscs
    Part 1: Y Asylum Poster
    Description: An old poster advertising the rehabilitation center for mental patients; very cheery and promising-looking.

    Part 2: Preserved Heart
    Description: A jar containing a human heart in preservation liquid. It doesn't look that ancient.

    Part 3: Employee Card
    Description: An electronic employee card, no identification on who it belongs to. It looks surprisingly modern for an asylum that closed down 30 years ago.

    Part 4: Secret Folders
    Description: Neatly stacked folders containing stolen files from the police department.

    Part 5: Cameo of K
    Description: A fancy brooch with the silouette of a handsome doctor engraved on it.

    Part 6: Lobotomy Tool
    Description: A sharp, clean tool for performing lobotomy. Looks to be in recent use.

    Part 7: White Hat
    Description: The elegant hat of a female patient.

    Part 8: Flag of Revolution
    Description: Generic fancy flag representing the freedom from tyranny and bloodshed. A utopia awaits after the revolution, right?
  13. I want vampire avis this Halloween.. huhuhu please! inspired by Transylvania.. or if not, I want something like inspired by movies of Insidious or hmmmm.... aaahhh my mind is mixed up but i want vampire
  14. Awesome!
    They should hire you Nera! 🙌🏻
    They don't even need to work that hard after your post.
    You almost did the entire job. 😂
    I hope they will drop something like that for next hunt and story pass.🤞🏻
    Thank you for your hard work and everything you're doing for everyone 🙏🏻💜
  15. I'm a simple person. I see suggestion for asylum hunt, I support.

    I love the amount of detail you've put into it, and if they don't take even a FRACTION of inspiration (just insane asylum in general because those are awesome), I'm might riot 🤣 I especially love your ideas for the misc and how you kept the kind of witty little remarks that ATA has sadly not kept up with consistently. I also like the storyline, but I'm not sure how I feel about the avis (always my least favourite part of hunts, don't think it's you, hon). I think I'd like it more if the white hat girl looked more malicious but with maybe an innocent twist, like the The Shining twins maybe?

    Overall though, 9/10, I'd enjoy.
  16. Such a great idea for an hunt, love the details and story.
  17. 😄 Anxiekitty’s white hat girl submission is what initially inspired the story. I liked the design and environment and looked for other submissions that fit the theme, and came up with a story using the various pictures. It’s really our clubmates, including you, who made the hunt suggestion possible ☺️
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  18. Not easy to visualise. Can you put the images in properly? Get their links and press the image icon in the text editor bar in forums