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  3. HOLY SHIT. i cant believe i sat here 3 hours nonstop reading this just to have a cliff hanger ending?!?!? I have no idea where you are rigbt now but continue this shiz OMG SIMPLYING MIND BLOWING LIKE AHHHH. RICK BETTER GO GET HIS GIRL BACK . FLY TO LONDON YOU KNOW YOU WANT HER. I ACTUALLY CRIED DURINGTHIS LIKE YOU DONT EVEN KNOW!!!!!!!! I love this.
  4. Bumppppppppp pleasee be active
  5. Hello guys! After almost 4 years (YEHESS), I'm back!! WOOOH
  7. like the title said , you are desperate
  8. Bumping this gem I made 7 years ago. Can't say I'm really proud of my writing back then, but boy did I gain followers in this story.
  9. Κανείς Έλληνας κάνεις σε αυτό το παιχνίδι έλεος 😂😂
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