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  1. "A smile is the sexiest curve of a woman."

    Rick Anderson
    People say he's smart.
    People say he's good-looking.
    People say he's very gentle.
    I saw him one time. I have to agree. He really is what other people say about him. But I felt something different. I can feel sadness. I can see loneliness in his eyes. I want to get to know him better. I want to talk to him...
    What was I thinking? Me? Chelsea Homers talking to the student body president? Dream on!
    But I really do want to talk to him... :(

    Chelsea Homers
    People say she's ordinary.
    People say she's typical.
    People say she's boring.
    I saw her one time. She's different from what other people say about her. She's unique. Is it her smile? I feel that she could see through me. I want to talk to her...
    I, Rick Anderson, talk to her? She might feel disgusted since I am known for my womanizing acts. How could I stain a pure girl such as her? Forget it! I won't try to talk to her even though I desire to...

    What do you guys think?
    Should these two people meet?
    If you don't like it, please comment!
    This is my first time doing this.
    Thanks. :)
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  3. Ugly.

    This is depressing. I have been trying out different hairstyles for the last 30 minutes. I went from pigtails to braids, but nothing seems to suit me. Giving up, I got the brush and combed my wavy brown hair.
    "I look plain." I said as I peeked at the mirror for the last time.
    I am tired of being called plain, boring or ordinary. I tried applying make-up, but I ended up looking like a clown. I decided that it is better to be invisible rather than be a laughing stock.
    "Ouch!" I yelped as someone bumped hard on me, causing me to drop my books.
    "Watch where you're going."
    I watched my books as they were being stepped on by people. No one even dared to help me. Tears began to well up as I begin picking up my books one by one. Suddenly, someone tapped my shoulder. I turned to see who it was. My jaw dropped. There stood a handsome man holding my Physics book.
    "Miss, is this yours?"
  4. Rick's Point of View:

    "Miss, is this yours?" I said as I was handing Chelsea's Physics book.
    I noticed her eyes were wet with tears. She didn't answer me. Instead, she quietly reached out for her book. She continued to stare at me intensely.
    "Why are you so shocked? It is as if you have seen a ghost." I jokingly said.
    Unexpectedly, she broke into a smile.
    She smiled.
    My heart was beating furiously. I was scared she might hear it. So I slowly turned away.
    "Wait!" she called out. I quickly turned to her direction.
    "Um, th-thank you." she said shyly while blushing.
    She is so CUTE.
    "No biggie." I replied coolly. I quickly turned away to hide my nosebleed because of the cutness overload.

    I walked away feeling satisfied, but suddenly I stopped.
    I promised myself not to involve mtself to innocent girls like her.
    I recalled the face that she was making when she thanked me. My heart skipped a beat.
    I knew.
    I knew I won't let her go.
    Chelsea Homers, be prepared. :)
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  8. Chelsea's point of view:

    "No Biggie." Rick said and quickly walked away.

    WHAT WAS THAT?! It is as if he could not wait to get away from me. Just after I thanked him, his handsome face turned bright red. At first, I thought he was blushi-

    WAIT A MINUTE! What was I thinking? How could someone like me charm the school's prince? That's I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E. He was clearly averting his eyes while talking to me. Well, what can I do? That's life, after all! :(

    I literally dragged myself to my next class. Just I was about to reach for the door, a 120-pound creature POUNCED at me, sending me to crash hard on the floor.

    "OUCH!" I yelped. How many times will I encounter accidents today?
    "What's your prob-" I said while turning to see the criminal. In front of me, a handsome smile greeted me.

    "How's my girl?" the owner of the dazzling smile asked and gave me a big bear hug.

    Was it Rick or was it someone else?
    Find out in the next update! :)
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  9. "Ken! Stop. You're suffoc- me. Can't brea-." I cried out while gasping for breath.
    "So sorry." he smiled as he let go of me.
    After continuously inhaling and exhaling, I said, "Stop doing those life-threatening hugs or I have to wear an oxygen mask when you're around."

    Ken laughed with his mouth wide open, revealing his big tonsils. Tempted to have my revenge, I grabbed a crumpled paper from my bag and quickly inserted it inside his big mouth. Totally bewildered, Ken immediately removed it from his mouth, and threw the saliva-filled paper to me.

    We stared at each other for a second. The next thing I knew is that we were rolling on the floor laughing.
    "Let's stop this," I finally said as I was wiping the tears on my eyes for laughing so hard, "Your girlfriend will misunderstand the situation if she sees as together like this."
    "Who? Jenny? We just broke up a minute ago." he replied.
    "You broke up? You were together for a week. And her name is Patricia, not Jenny." I cried out in disbelief.
    "I was just playing with her. I'm in love with someone right now. And I think you know who she is." he said and gave me a wink.

    Shocks. Is it me? Maybe I'm imagining things. Ken and I were friends for 4 years already. Is it me? Is it me? I desperately wanted to ask.

    Ken stared at me intensely.
    Thump. Thump. Thump.
    My heart is beating like crazy.

    "Ken? Chelsea?" a familiar voice piped up.

    A love triangle has been formed!
    Just wait for more updates.
  10. I like The way you introduce people and explain things
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  12. Aw, guys.
    Thanks :)
    I'll try to update as soon as possible. :)
  13. Rick's point of view:

    I'm angry.
    No, actually worse than that.
    I'm furious.

    Jealousy. I never felt it before since everyone looks up to me and girls are swarming me. But right this very moment, I'm feeling intense envy.

    I was walking along the corridor when I heard boisterous laughter. As student body president, I should reprimand them so I quickly followed where the noise was coming from. Full of shock and disbelief, I found Ken and Chelsea rolling on the floor laughing.

    I know that I should go and scold them, but my body won't allow me to make a tiny movement.
    My heart was beating faster.
    My pulse was racing.
    I was sweating a lot.

    I knew that both of them were friends, but I never imagined that they were this close. I don't like this. I HATE this. But how do I stop them? Ken's my friend. I could not just ruin a good moment for him.

    " love with someone else. And I think you know her." Ken said passionately.

    This is a LOVE confession.
    I should do something. FAST.

    No, Chelsea! Don't look at him that way! Don't stare at each other! This is breaking my heart. I should do something...

    "Ken? Chelsea?" I called out as calm as the wind, but my heart was beating as violent as a storm.
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