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  1. I was silenced for advertising my club. 😭 I need someone to comfort me.
  2. Shouldnt of spammed it so much then
  3. Okay but why "Islam"?
  4. Don’t make possibly offensive and/or generally annoying comments while spamming then? 🥴🤙🏼
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  5. ...and how did you advertise it ;_;
  6. Aren't you the girl who's made clubs and advertised that if someone didn't join they were a racist Trump supporter? 🥴 Sounds like you deserved it. That's not how you advertise a club. 🤦
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  7. Not to mention the fact that that is character defamation, which is against ToU...
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  8. You were poaching, and you wps weren’t exactly “appropriate”
  9. Why you calling people a racist just coz they dont wanna join your club. Don't be a piece of shit and people might want to join
  10. Lmao you got called out so quick. Id put Joaquin Phoenix joker “ you get what you fucking deserve” imagine, but idk how to lmao imagine it’s there hahaahah
  11. Also the same girl who offered real money to farm someone 🍵👌🏻
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  12. I was about to get on dis bítch and comfort tf outta you but deez comments bruh, haill nawh.
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  13. I’m on another month long silence. Trust me. It’ll fly by. Follow the rules next time— I sure will.
  14. Why tho
  15. I was a rule breaker.
  16. Wad you do
  17. Broke a rule.
  18. What tho
  19. Which rule? I’m not sure.