CONTEST WINNERS Demon's Eye Avatar Shard & Mod Crate Winners!

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    Here are the lucky winners of today's two-part contest hosted by yours truly and [ATA]Maeve!
    Hope you all had as much as we did raising up a storm in campus chat!

    Mod Crate Winners

    Q: What is the first type of restaurant/cuisine I, Marceline, will go to after quarantine?
    A: Either pho or poké! My faves. My favourite pho place doesn't deliver and my favourite poké place has just straight up shut down for now.

    first 3 to post the correct answers (pho/poké)

    But also special shoutout to Cherilynn for 'Jollibee' which we don't have here in BC but best believe that's my first stop in Washington when borders lift! You also get a Crate.

    Q: What new hobby have I, Marceline, picked up during quarantine?

    A: Baking and gardening! I have never baked nor gardened before and that was something I picked up like a basic b during lockdown. I've also picked up art, yoga and music again but I'd already done those pre-quarantine. Great guesses, guys! Boo to whoever said TikTok. I will never get on TikTok.

    WINNERS – first 5 to post the correct answers (baking/gardening)

    Thanks HARLEYQUINN69, I feel so called out. Shopping was already a hobby/problem waaaay before quarantine 😂 Actually, I think I've mastered shopping since being locked down. 🌚🌚🌚

    Q: What is one thing you have learned about yourself during quarantine?
    A: My favourite 5 answers win a Crate!



    That I can beat Corona virus 🤩

    Watch my little boy walk, talk and clap for the first time 😊

    I’ve learned how to deal with toxic people in my life. With time to myself I’ve been able to reflect on things.

    That I’m not my mother. I’m better than my mother and forever will be as long as I take care of my kids


    I learned how strong I am. Pulling myself out of depression from loosing my job to being strong and starting my own business

    Honorable Mentions

    I can live without clapping cheeks for a good bit haha
    Marcie: I want to hear more about this. Wall me.

    There’s no limit to how long i can sleep & i’m willing to walk 7 miles for boba 😔✌️
    Marcie: You would get along with a lot of our devs 😂 #bbtislife

    I have learned that I am a very patient mother 🌚 the amount of sass these children have, LORD HAVE MERCY 😔🤚🏽
    Marcie: They probably got it from their mama 😂

    I learned that me impulsively installing a bidet was the smartest decision I’ve ever made
    Marcie: Ugh, smort. I procrastinated on getting a bidet. Still getting one though.

    Australian netflix is trash and annoying my cat is a better source of entertainment
    Marcie: Come to North America. 🌚🌚🌚


    Shoutout to our essential workers, shoutout to teachers, shoutout to parents dealing with their kiddos, shoutout to our furry pals, and shoutout to YOU for being a strong mfer and going through this crazy time in life as best as you can. It was truly a pleasure reading all your responses and it's amazing to see most of y'all have learned to become your best selves during this lockdown. I'm proud of you! And if you're still struggling and trying to figure things out, you've got this. You are stronger than you think. 💪🏼♥️

    Avatar Shard Giveaway

    This one was a toughie but well done to those who nailed it!
    Winners were the first 10 to post the correct answer on [ATA]Maeve's wall. People can only win ones, but I see you, overachievers 😉

    50 Blooded Feathers
    Q: When and where did the first Dancing Plague take place?

    A: 1518 in Strasbourg, Holy Roman Empire, and not France!


    75 Spooky Feather Shards
    Q: What is the initiation ritual of DOS?

    A: Branded with the initials ‘KR’ or some variation. Just "branding" doesn't count!


    100 Frayed Feather Shards
    Q: Which is one of the first phone numbers that belonged to MOMO?

    A: 573135292569 or 81345102539 or 5226681734379



    Thanks for hanging out with us, PIMD!

    Winners, keep a lookout for your Mod Crates or Avatar Shards in your Rewards Inbox which will be distributed sometime this afternoon!

    Stay safe, keep each other well and do good things!
    🖤 xo, Marcie and the gang
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  2. Thanks for giving us such fun things to do! 😍 Killing it ata
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  3. Thanks for the fun as always Marcie! Hope all is well with the rest of the staff.
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  4. Wait really? I’ve never won any trivia before that cool!
    (Can’t beat gardening tho so you chose a good hobby lol)
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  6. Congrats winners! 🥳
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  7. Ayy 🥳🥳 congrats to the winners and honorable(wish I got mentioned for the lolz) being employed is rough when you see people making more money than you unemployed 😂😂. I picked gardening back up again too! What kind of music are you into/making?
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  8. Thank you so much!❤️and you definitely have to try Jollibee sometime :) sooooo good
  9. Congratulations you all💕
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  10. Ooo nice! Congrats everyone.

    Now you have me thinking about pho and bubble tea 😭😪
  11. Whoa sounds fun :) sad we Asian campus will never have this fun 😔😁❤️
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  12. Omg yes! Didn’t even know this was a thing until I saw this thread. Hope we can have smthng similar in the Asian campus 😂 congrats to all the winners! 🥳💕
  13. Congrats everyone!
  14. thanks for holding such a fun contest Marcie! I appreciate the creativity 🥺💛 Ps congrats to all my fellow winners 🥳
  15. Congratulations 😊🌹