Delete Timer Box Option

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  1. Another thread. BUT I have a different idea. You know when you want to delete PIMD cause you’re sooo addicted so you hold down the app and a little x pops up to delete it. Then you shake your head and push home or whatever to get out of the x thingy (iPhones). Well anyways I think we should have the option to delete our boxes the same way. Once you press the x it’s fine. Done. Thoughts?
  2. Rather have the extra vip slot
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  3. I think you should let me sign your cast with a black marker.
  4. But it’s black
  5. I unlocked a safari timer box yesterday in my alt for hoping to get a stat item like flamingo or the slot and got a 999 instead so, no.. I'm not going to delete any of them. I'm going to unlock old boxes there when i have free time 😋
  6. Bruh these free boxes really causing some troubles in the community to have these many thread about them